Full Review: L’oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation

Loreal Infalliable 001

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to review one of the most raved about foundations on the planet these days and it’s the L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation. This foundation is being talked about on every platform online and it’s really no surprise! Many Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers use this foundation and swear by it so I thought I would do a full , in depth review on this product for you all today. Including a makeup look I did with it and how it held up throughout the night. I picked this product up because I seen Desi Perkins and LustreLux on Youtube rave about it and their foundation is always flawless so I thought I would give it a go!


Nothing too special about the packaging on this one , but it is rather sleek and matte, perfect for the sort of foundation thats inside! I’m actually loving the fact that its in a tube , I’ve never actually owned a foundation in tube form but it does remind me of the MAC studio sculpt foundation with its long tube packaging.


Okay… the smell, probably one of the things people will either love or hate about it , personally I like it , it smells like MAC foundation a little “paint” like and strong , but I sort of like that smell, It reminds me of the smell of higher end foundations and that’s one of the things that caught my attention about it in the first place!


Oh … my …. god! The coverage! As someone who loves their full coverage high end foundations I absolutely adore this drugstore one! the coverage is unbelievable! Applying this foundation is a dream, I buff it into my skin with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it just offers such an amazing coverage , any little imperfections is more than covered with this foundation. If you love full coverage I would 100% recommend this foundation , If you like more of a natural look, this one isn’t for you! I can build this up and it will NEVER EVER look cakey! I literally thanked the foundation gods when I had this on…. just wow!


The texture to this foundation is sort of a mixture , I don’t find it at all overly thick but it isn’t liquidy either, putting on the back of my hand it doesn’t run right away but there is a budge which I like because it lets me work with the product and place more on where I feel I need it. Its a thin texture which is strange for its full coverage but Its one of the features of this product I adore. Who doesn’t love looking flawless and  feeling like they aren’t wearing any makeup?


Another one of the great things about this product is its price, for something that feels so high end and so expensive on the skin this retails for an amazing 12.29 , I actually picked up 2 because L’Oreal had an offer on (The Offer is still available to people in Ireland I’m not too sure about the UK) that you could get 2 products for 18!

Onto the most important question….How long does it last? I can honestly say that the 24 hour mark on this foundation is without a doubt the truth! I put this foundation on at 4pm I then went to one of my friends parties and went for a few drinks and didn’t come home until 4am! a full 12 hours later and my foundation was as perfect as it was the minute I placed it on my face! amazing!

This is a picture of the foundation along with powder, contour , blush , bronzer the whole Shabang! It completely covered any imperfections and I felt like I didn’t need much concealer in the end because it did such a great job, I literally just highlighted my face and off I went!


I hope you enjoyed this indepth review guys. I really wanted to take my time and write down my thoughts! This foundation has actually passed the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation that used to be my holy grail I wrote about the Bourjois Foundation  HERE .

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June Favourites 2015

june favourites Hi everyone! I thought I would do my June favourites today as I don’t think they’ll really change in the next four days since I don’t have plans on buying new products or watching anything new! This is my first favourites post so I thought I would just write down what I’ve been loving this month beauty related and then completely random! Hope you enjoy!

Beauty Favourites:

1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk: I adore this product , I’m so glad I got my hands on it finally! My mum knew that I had been searching for this for ages and could never get it , so at the beginning of this month she spotted one left in my local drugstore and picked it up for me! I use this as an eyeshadow base and also to brighten up my tear duct area! I also use it to highlight under my brows! 2.elf Eyebrow Kit: I picked this up because it was only a Dollar on the shopmissa website ( you can see the haul I did from the shopmissa website here) and decided to give it a go earlier this month and I’m so glad I picked this little guy up! I got the shade light as I find mediums always a little too dark for me in any brow kit , this CHANGED my brow game! 3.Max Factor CC Colour Corrector: I decided to pick this up on a bit of a whim I didn’t really NEED it but thought hey why not? I actually tend to use this more as a brightening stick because its lighter than my foundaton so it highlights my face perfectly! I’ve been using it for the past month or so and I’ve noticed a great difference when I finish my base makeup! It also works at colour correcting too if y’all want to know but I use it mainly for highlighting!

Random Favourites:

1.Orange is the New Black: I started this show last week and watched all 3 seasons in 4 days! All I can say is WOW! I finally found a tv show that is interesting and doesn’t bore me by the third episode! I’m hooked and I cannot wait for season 4 now , pity its a year away! they really need to make 2 seasons  a year, have you watched Orange is the new black? comment below so we can have a fabulous conversation about Litchfields finest inmates haha!

2. Jurassic World: I’ve went to see this movie twice already since it came out, When I first seen the trailer for it I was already sold and wanted to go see it every since I knew it was coming out , The whole cast is pretty much amazing and I really can’t fault anything to do with it! great reboot! Have you seen Jurassic world? what did you think of it?

3.Sims Freeplay: So before you call me a cheap ass because I won’t buy the game , I thought starting out with the freeplay version would be better since I didn’t really know if I would enjoy it that much and would of bought Sims 4 and ended up hating it, buuuuuut I am addicted! I actually find myself ignoring my social media and just playing this all day .. which maybe isn’t the best when my boyfriend is wondering what I’ve been up to the past 5 hours haha but I’m seriously contemplating buying sims 4 now!

4. Danielle Mansutti: Can a person be in a favourites post? I’m sure they can! My favourite youtuber this Month and has been my favourite youtuber for almost a year now is the wonderful Danielle Mansutti, I adore Danielle , I think shes amazing she’s down to earth and a beautiful human being inside and out , she’s actually the person that inspired me to create a blog and influenced me to try make a youtube channel ( I have yet to film a video but it will be coming soon!) if you haven’t subscribed to her already you really should!

So those were my favourites for this month , I really enjoyed writing this post and can’t wait to write another next month! I had a lot of products that I liked this month but I wanted to narrow it down to just three and give you my all time favourites of this month just because it makes it a little easier and condensed!

I’m currently on the lookout for some new makeup products , leave your favourite makeup products down below so I can check them out!

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How To: Halo Eye ♡

Halo Eye tutorialHi Everyone!

I’ve got a different kind of post for you all today something I’ve never done before and it’s a step by step tutorial on how I do my halo eye! I’ve always wanted to delve more into the makeup tutorial side and thought why not start now?  I used mostly the Sleek iDevine palette in Au Naturel to achieve this look, So onto those most important steps!

Halo Eye

1. I firstly applied a thin amount of concealer to my eyelids to cancel out any blueness and to get a smooth base, I then went into my sleek palette and used the  shade Nougat and dusted this all over the lid to set that concealer.

2. I then took a transition shade , I used the benefit hoola bronzer as my transition shade because I feel it’s the perfect shadow to blend out colours with and I feel there really isn’t a fantastic transition shade with this palette as the burnt orangey shade was too orange for this look.

3. I then started from the outer corner of my eye and blended in the shade Bark from the sleek palette making sure the outside was darker and that I had blended the colour well into the crease so it’s very soft!

4. I then took the Bark shade again and started from the inner corner and blending it out softly to where it will meet the previously blended Bark shade at the crease making sure it is darker at the inner corner and blended softly into the crease!

5. I took a flat shader brush and sprayed some NYX Setting spray to make the colour more intense  and packed the colour Taupe   onto the center of my lid.  ( which isn’t taupe at all its more of a champagne shade)

6. I went back in with the Bark shade and made sure the inner and outer corner were darker than the crease.

7. I used a smaller blending brush and took the benefit hoola bronzer and blended it onto my lower lash like I then got a precise angle brush and took Bark and lined close to my lash line then blended the remaining product on my brush onto my lower lash line making sure the colours were blended well and there was no harsh lines!

8. I finished off with some Maybelline Gel Liner and used some eyelashes that I cant for the life of me remember the name of ,because I’ve had them for so long , sorry!

Voila! You’ve got yourself a Halo Eye! I really only started doing this sort of eye tutorial recently because I never really thought it would of suited me but I find myself doing it every day since its really simple and easy too and will flatter any eye shape!

Thanks for reading guys this was a little different for me to do but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new!

Do you have any requests for other makeup tutorials? Leave a comment below

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Where have I been?

It’s me! I’ve returned! I’m so sorry for not posting the past week or more , I’ve been extremely busy! I’m in search for a new job and even with the experience needed it’s hard it get ahold of! Passing out cv’s can be extremely tiring! I’m hoping to have a good post up in a few hours to get me stuck back into my blog.

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Jan and Jot Giveaway

fantabulous giveaway!!

Jan and Jot

Happy Monday!!

The day has come to finally be able to show our giveaway goodies.

We have been slowly collecting our favorite things to say thank you to all of our loyal fans and friends for supporting us.

Open International ❤️❤️❤️

Rules are easy

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Giveaway will run from June 15-June 26, 2015 8pm CST. We will announce winner and email them on June 27 😃

Now for the goodies
1st Place will be getting all of this in the picture above as well as some amazing samples

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My Favourite NYX products

favoruite nyx products

Hi Everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite NYX products that I’ve been loving and using more of this past while , NYX is one of my favourite drugstore brands because they’re affordable and such great quality and as student you really can’t go wrong with this brand! So lets get on with the show…

NYX Skinny black liner

This is one of my newest purchases of NYX and I’m loving it so far! The nib of the pencil is so small and precise that I find its so easy to apply in the water line and it beats liquid liner any day for me! I do find I need to set this with a black eyeshadow otherwise it would crease and I’d look like I had gotten into a bad fight the night before haha!

NYX Liquid Illuminator 

I talked about this a while ago on my blog here , I use this as a liquid blush and then set it with a powder blush or just my normal setting powder because I feel as if it would move throughout the day if I didn’t. I also use a teeny tiny amount mixed with foundation to give my skin a healthy glow.

NYX Powder Blush in Angel

I can’t even describe how in love I am with this blush! I purchased this about a month ago and its all I’ve been wearing on my cheeks as of late! It’s amazing and suits my skin tone so well! It’s a very subtle but buildable dusty pink blush , perfect for all skin tones I feel , I use this when I’m at my palest and also when I fake tan! its amazing!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

What can I say? everyone and their cat has bound to have used this at some stage in their life. It’s the perfect base to make any colour look more dramatic and make the dullest of eyeshadow look bold and beautiful! I also like to use the smallest amount of this in my inner corner to brighten up my look. This should be a staple in anybodies collection I feel!

NYX Love in Florence eyeshadow palette 

I got this palette for my birthday because I was so interested in the colours that this palette had to offer. The peachy pink at the top caught my eye immediately and the iridescent creamy white below it that has flakes of blue in it ( it didn’t pick up well on camera sorry!!) The matte black is amazing and sooo sooo pigmented!

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

This was one of the first products that I’ve ever picked up from Nyx and it was love at first spray! I swear this spray just lets all the powder in my face settle down into my skin and gives off a beautiful dewy glow! I also have a review on this product here , I don’t find that it makes my makeup last as long as it would normally but for the price and the  effect it gives off , makes it a winner in my eyes.

Thanks so much for reading guys I hope you enjoyed this post , I’m hoping to broaden my NYX collection , do you guys have any other NYX products that I should try out? I would love to know your favourites!

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ShopMissA Haul & Experience


Hi Everyone!

I recieved my ShopMissA delivery yesterday and decided to do a little post and show you all what I go , I got a few accessories and things but I thought I would stick to the makeup for today. I also want to tell you about my experience with them as a company.

I’ll start with my experience, the wesbite is pretty much easy to manage and easy to get around , apart when it comes to the shade/colour picking of each product , I remember clicking on a lipstick and a certain colour that I wanted, but when I had ordered it , it had changed and I got a crappy lime green lipstick instead? I emailed them 3 minutes later asking them would they mind changing the order , but I got an email back saying that their company actually doesn’t have any connections with the warehouse that makes up the deliveries?? WHAT??!??!!? I didn’t really care too much since it was only 1 dollar , but the fact they weren’t helpful really annoyed me and sort of swept it under the mat and ignored me then was a little rude of them.

Okay! Onto the haul! I picked up quite a few lipsticks because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little and mix it up I didn’t include the crappy lime lipstick in this because I literally felt sick looking at it , its a disgusting colour and shall probably be going in the bin haha I would never even think of passing on such a rotten colour!


I got two Elf Lipsticks In Posh and Classy, I swatched this the minute I got them , and I’m impressed so far with their formulation and pigmentation! big thumbs up from me!

I then got 2 LA Colour lipsticks, I got Red Tango and Nude , I like these colours , they aren’t very pigmented and are quite glossy something I wouldn’t of necessarily went for , but for a dollar you can’t go wrong and its always something I can venture back to and mix up with another lippie.

I also purchased an Elf eyebrow kit because I’ve heard this raved about on youtube and wanted to give it a go myself , I swatched the wax and the powder and I love it already , I got the shade in Light because any other shades I get end up far too dark for me , and this one is a perfect match.

The blush I got was from the brand Prism, a brand I have never ever heard of but the colour of the blush caught my eye , I really love it , it is quite subtle but I can build it up quite a bit , the only thing I hate is the packaging its so cheap and flimsy I feel it will break the minute I try to openning it.

The last thing I bought was a Elf eyeshadow quad I got the shade Butternut , The colours in this are sooo pretty and really compliment green eyes , I’m all into warm tones so when I seen this I had to have it!

As I said before these were all 1 dollar, If you see a product you would like reviewed or swatched don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I’ll get right to it.

Hope you enjoyed my little post guys , If I’m completely honest I don’t know if I would order from ShopMissA again , I’m being  honest and saying that I really was only blown away by some of these products and they were mostly the elf ones , It cost me a total of 18.00 including delivery, This was just my opinion , maybe you had a better experience but I just wanted to share my thoughts

Have you ordered from ShopMissA? what are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you all , drop me a comment down below.

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