Review: Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

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Hi Everyone!

It feels like forever since I’ve done any sort of review on eyeshadows or makeup of any sort so I thought I would review the wet n wild  Comfort Zone Palette. I picked this up in my local Penneys ( primark to anyone from the UK) I had previously wanted to get the Walking on Eggshells palette But I seen this one and I’m trying to experiment with more colours these days and the green was just calling my name! I had previously watched tutorials on youtube using this palette so I felt the need ( obviously) to go out and buy it.

So onto the palette! I’ve watched many tutorials using this palette on youtube and the colour pay off looked amazing. I spent a whole day reading reviews and looking at swatches on different wet n wild palettes but I came to a decision that I needed the comfort zone palette out of all of them , the most. I swatched this the minute I got home and I literally died on the spot. These eyeshadows are beyond fantastic! They feel luxurious and rich and just high end!

The texture of the colours feels creamy and buttery and work like a dream when applying them. They blend out very easily and just add a more dramatic or natural feel to your makeup as there is so many versatile looks you can accomplish with them.They are all shimmers so there is no mattes in this palette. I’m quite a matte person so venturing out into shimmers was a HUGE difference for me , I don’t normally purchase shimmers I actually steer away from them but I thought I would do something different and out of my “comfort zone” ( Sorry I had to haha)

The price of this palette is amazing since the quality is so rich and creamy! I purchased this palette for around 5 euro.Bargain! In the palette you get 8 shadows , I like to think of one row as one eyeshadow look and the other as another eyeshadow look , but who’s to say you can’t mix together and use them together?

I would give this palette a 10/10 there really amazing for the price and I can’t wait to pick up more! I adore drugstore products , If I can find an amazing dupe for something I wont hesitate to purchase the cheaper alternative.

Also so so sorry for the crappy iphone picture of the palette , my room is currently being decorated and the painter was in today , my camera and leads were all in my wardrobe and they’ve been covered to save it from the paint haha should of took it out! whoops!

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August Favourites 2015


Hi everyone!

I’m getting really good with doing favourites the past few months so why not keep up the good work? I don’t have that many beauty favourites this month since I am trying to use up as many products as I can to allow for more new never used before products to enter my collection. I’m thinking on doing an Empties post, would any of you be interested in reading it? so onto the main part of the post… the favourites

Beauty Favourites

1. No.7 skin illuminator: I got ahold of this product through my mum ,she didn’t like the look of it on her skin so she gave it to me.  I never really used illuminators under my foundation but I wanted to start. I picked this up a while back and had starting using it under my base. I love how this makes my skin look dewy and fresh without making me look like an oil slick.

2.La vie est belle Perfume: All I can say is well done Lancome ,amazing perfume! the scent of this is just to die for such a girly scent , I’ve been wearing this every day since I’ve gotten it and have just been enjoying smelling my clothes haha!

3. Witch Hazel Stick: I’ve recently wrote a post on this little wonder , its amazing and does wonders you can read more about it HERE

4.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge: I found my love again for this product , I stopped using it a while back because It was absorbing so much of my foundation , but I find its really brilliant for blending out the harsh line between highlighting and contouring.

TV Shows & Movies

1.The Age of Adaline: I adored this movie! Blake Lively is just amazing in this , if you haven’t seen it before i won’t ruin it for you but if you’re into the fantasy side of movies that still have a touch of old time magic then definitely check it out!

2.Ted 2: This movie!!!! I laughed my ass off at this movie , I don’t normally think that sequels can get any better than the originals but this one truly is funny! I watched it recently with my boyfriend and we both couldn’t stop laughing. Sure there is some moments that aren’t too funny but the story line , the concept the writing and over all acting is superb! Watch if you love comedies , Marky mark and Seth McFarlane.

3.Whats Love Got to Do with It:I can’t even put this movie into words, I seen it for the first time a few weeks ago and knew immediately that I needed to add it to my august favourites! My mum is a huge fan of Tina Turner and she sat down to watch this movie one night so I thought I would join her. Such a moving and touching story, I love watching true stories so this was the bees knees for me. If you haven’t seen it before you’re missing out big time!!


1. GlitterALittle: I’ve been subscribed to Chloe , Or GlitterALittle as she is known on youtube as for about a year now , Its not until recently that I feel her content and editing has been superb , I really enjoy seeing her in my subscription box now as she does funky colourful tutorials and has great techniques.


GuruGossiper: Probably the most controversial site for youtube gossip and all things gurus. I came across this website a few weeks back and got hooked. I don’t pay much attention to the negative side of it as there really is some negative topics on people , but I love the concept that you can connect to people that don’t normally write comments on youtube and talk in a forum. I think the positive side of gurugossiper doesn’t get too much light since the negative side usually is brought to day light by its controversial topics , but I honestly think that its an amazing concept when it comes to interacting with different people that love the same youtubers as you.

So that’s it for this month , i hope you enjoyed the post , I have a few exciting posts coming up in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.I’m a little MIA on here I know , I’m currently getting my bedroom done so I had to empty EVERYTHING out of it since its getting painted tomorrow.

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How To: Get rid of Stubborn Spots

skin care 003

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would do a short post on how I got rid of the  pesky spots that never seem to budge no matter how religious I am with my skin care. Every now and again I suffer from those really REALLY annoying under the skin spots , you know those ones that don’t seem to go away and you actually think you’re growing a second head? THOSE! For the past few weeks my skin has been getting on my nerves no matter how good I am with my skin care these spots are for staying on my face!

I decided  I would go into Boots and scurry through the shelves and see what they had in the line of spot remedies. I heard on a few blogs that Witch hazel is extremely great for getting rid of spots because it fights the bacteria creating them! I picked up the little Witch Blemish Stick for an amazing €3.49! BARGAIN! and it if it was going to promise to get rid of my spots, all the more better! There’s  currently an offer on in Boots where you can buy one get one free.

I’ve been using this product now for a good week and the spots that I have been battling with for over 3 weeks are completely dead and on their way off of my face and out of my life. redness has been reduced and that sore sensitive feeling is completely gone. All I’ve got on my face are fading marks from were they once where! I am sooo impressed by this little product and it will become a staple in my skin care from now on.

Have you ever tried Witch Hazel when trying to get rid of spots? Or have you used this exact product? Did it work for you? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

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My Hair Care Routine ♡

hair care routine

Hi everyone

so it dawned on me the other day that  I have never really posted anything to do with hair or hair care or hair maintenance, I’m not THAT big into hair, I know the style that suits me , the products that work for me so  I stick to them. I’m not one to venture out with my hair I’ve had 4 fringes in the past and hated them from the first cut ( I don’t know why I kept getting them) I’ve dyed my hair a grand total of 6 times and I’m only 19 ( is that a lot for my age?) the last time I dyed my hair I HATED it. I have naturally quite light brown hair with tints of natural blonde running through and I had dyed it so dark that I looked like a crow. Anyways I’ll stop rambling on about my hair nightmares and get onto the products I use when i wash my hair and when I come out of the shower.

I am in love with Trevor Sorbie products , I just adore them. They make my hair feel smooth and salon new , and I just can’t get enough of it! I use the Trevor Sorbie Straight Shampoo I tend to have straight hair anyways but sometimes it does kink a little so to get rid of kinks and waves I use this shampoo to get the ultimate straight shiny hair!

After the shampoo I got in with the Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Lightweight Conditioner. I have quite thin hair which can be annoying at times , it means that I can’t really do much with my hair in terms of giving it body or volume so I like to go in with this conditioner as I feel that it really works for me and does a great job! it also protects and strengthens so whats not to love?

When I get out of the shower and after I towel dry my hair roughly , I like to go in with a heat protecting spray I have to admit I’m not too good with keeping one at my house at all times. I usually run out quick and forget to get one for a long time. I use the Trevor Sorbie Straight Protect and Shine protecting spray. This smells soooo good! and actually makes me want to use it all the time and repurchase! I spray this all over my hair and in between layers etc to make sure that I have everywhere covered. I also make sure to get the ends also.

After I dry my hair and its bone dry ( I’m horrible at half drying my hair , I get so lazy!!) I put on some of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum I adore this serum. it makes my little fly aways stick down and not pop up to say hello throughout the day! it also helps create a healthy shine in my hair and makes it look silky smooth!

I feel like all these products in conjunction with each other are amazing and make my hair look so healthy even though  it could be doing with a bit of trim at the minute. I’ve used oils in the past but they made my hair frizzy and highlighted how brittle and dry it was , so I decided to stop using them and my hair looks better than it was now than when they were in my hair care. I usually wait 2-3 days to wash my hair spraying a little batiste in between washes so I don’t damage my hair.

I hope you enjoyed this random little post about my hair and took something new from it maybe? Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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My Current Beauty Wish List ♡

beauty wish lsit

Hi everyone!

So I thought I would do another beauty wish list, I had wrote one before but forgot to carry on doing it as there was nothing that I felt that I REALLY needed. I have quite a bit I want to pick up this time so I thought I would share it with you all. I enjoy reading these types of blogs  cause it opens me  up to more products that I have never tried or heard of before.

morphe 35o palette

First on my list is the Morphe 35O palette. This palette is like a god! I’ve watched multiple youtube videos on it like swatches and first impressions, and I just fell in love. I am a warm neutral sort of gal so when it comes down to browns , oranges , rusty colours I’m all over it! I first seen this palette when Jaclyn Hill put it up on her snapchat and just died right on the spot. I NEED this in my life.

pippa palette blank cosmetics

Second on the list Pippa palette by Blank Cosmetics . Blank Cosmetics teamed up with Pippa O’Connor to create this dreamy palette, again it has all my colours that I love and wear  on a day to day basis and when I seen Chloe Boucher recreate a look with it I needed it pronto! it also contains a blush a  bronzer/contour colour and a highlighter which is the perfect palette to travel with since you have such a versatile combination in it!

angels on bare skin

Third on my list is the Lush’s , Angels on bare skin cleanser, I seen so many people  on youtube rave about this and how great it feels on their skin and how moisturizing it made their skin feel even before applying their moisturizer! I love changing up my cleansers time to time to see how each one will hopefully improve my skin.

champagne pop beeca

The last product on my list that I really really want is the most talked about highlighter right now … you guessed it ” champagne pop” by Becca Cosmetics in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. I heard that this highlighter is amazing for fair skinned girls and that it just gives you that beautiful sought after glow. I’ve seen swatches ,demos and hauls and I just need this baby in my life.

so thats all the products on my beauty wish list as of now. I tend to change my mind a lot but these 4 products have been a a massive WANT for me in my head for ages. Have any of you tried these products? let me know what you thought of them in the comments below I would love to hear from you.

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Review: Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Mask

Timeless Truth mask 013

Hi Everyone!

I’ve just received my Timeless Truth mask in the post today and couldn’t wait much longer to try it out , since it was one of the many exciting things awaiting me in the post I thought why not just try it out and give a review on it today? I’ve included price details and instructions also in this post to make it easier to follow.So lets get into the review…

I got the Bio Cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Mask from the company Timeless Truth  and this retails for £7.90 for one mask , or you can get a box of five for £38.50. You can check out the website for yourself HERE. So lets get onto the details of the mask and what is promises…

This mask is said to have the ” Latest in anti ageing treatment”  it also states that Bee Venom dates back to ancient times where creams and medicines were used to help any conditions. The bee venom in this mask is said to be an alternative to botox also!(goodbye wrinkles!) It contains Melittin which reduces anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. They also say that ” Royal jelly is considered the ‘elixir of Youth’ and when it is mixed with the venom that the effects are enhanced! This mask is also helps the production of collagen and elastin which is super helpful for smoothing the face and giving you that amazing soft , plumped up youthful skin.

I decided to opt for this mask over the others because I feel like my skin isn’t looking as great as it has been the past while ,I’ve noticed little wrinkles where there never was before and thought I should deal with them now and not later and I feel this mask really promises great results so to took it for a whirl! First of all I cleansed my face well , I then placed the mask on my face making sure the protective layer was removed from both sides of the mask.I then removed the mask after 20 minutes. Before I put the mask on , I wanted it to feel really refreshing on my skin so I placed it into the fridge so that it would be nice and cooling when applied.

The mask itself felt extremely luxurious , it was saturated in product which I love , there’s nothing worse than getting a face mask and it having not enough product on it. It was quite tricky to get on at first but I managed! I actually looked like Hannibal Lecter) After only 3 minutes on my skin I felt my skin already begin to tighten. I was so excited when this happened because I felt it really get to work. Timeless Truth suggest that you put this mask on 3/4 times a week to see great results.I poured myself a cup of tea and relaxed while reading some blogs and watching some Youtube , When my 20 minutes were up , I took the mask off and rubbed in the extra product on my face as the mask suggested. I then followed up with my La Roche Posay moisturizer making sure I had locked all that moisture into my skin.

After about half an hour of having the mask off, I felt my skin feeling tight and plump something it has had a lack of in a while.I was so impressed by this mask it really is such a luxurious relaxing mask that’s perfect for unwinding.

I was sent this mask by the company for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own.

Thanks so much for reading this post guys, if you have any questions I would love to answer them so leave them in the comments below. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you want to know what I get up to when I don’t blog.



July Favourites 2015 ♡


Hi Everyone!

I’m a mere 6 days late with this but I thought I would put up my july favourites anyways since I do have quite a bit that I’ve been loving this month in terms of pretty much everything! I’m hoping to get up a review this week too so hold tight for that. Lets get started on the all important favourites!

Beauty Favourites:

1. L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour foundation: If you’ve read my review on this foundation you’ll know that it is probably my favourite drugstore foundation at the moment and I don’t know whether its going to change soon. I decided to give this foundation a go after I seen numerous Beauty Gurus on Youtube rave about it , I fell in love at first application. You can read my full review on this product HERE

2.Benefits Hola Bronzer: I got this product a few months back , and have been using it religiously since. Its a cult favourite in the makeup world , everyone has had to try it at least once. I actually have many uses for this product such as the obvious Bronzer , I also use this to contour lightly and as eyeshadow. Its such a diverse product. I also wrote about this product HERE.

3.L’Oreal La Palette Nude: I’ve used this palette everyday since I’ve gotten it either mixing it up with different colours in other palettes or sticking to only this palette. The shades in this palette are all warm which is perfect for me because I’m a warm toned kind of gal and I look almost corpse like once one cool toned shade is on my skin. Absolutely adore this palette only thing I don’t quite like is the price. I’m not a fan of spending almost 20 euro on a drugstore palette.

Movie Favourites:

So I only have one movie favourite of this month , but I still wanted to talk about it. I would love to hear about your favourite movies so I could give them a look, I recently went to see Ant-Man and was a little disappointed. Please leave suggestions below.

1. Pretty Women: So recently I found myself quite bored at the house so decided to have a good rut through the old DVD collection and came across this classic! I had seen clips and bits of this movie but never really took time to watch it fully. I watched it and loved it , I actually watched the film 3 times that day! I absolutely adore Julia Roberts and her laugh is absolutely golden! I actually think I might have to go watch it again… hmm…


1.NikkiTutorials: I adore this girl! She is so down to earth and amazing at what she does, she’s really given me the inspiration on trying out new makeup looks and giving new makeup products a go. She’s deffinitly worth the watch and she’s also hilarious, what more could you want?

2.RachelLeea: I haven’t been subscribed to Rachel that long but I’ve been falling in love with her and her youtube channel quickly this past month, she covers everything basically from Makeup Tutorials to Q&A’s to Healthy eating tips and DIY decor , She’s a joy to watch and will get your inspitation going if you’re lacking the motivation to do a project.

So thats my favourites guys , I would really appreciate if you could leave me some movie suggestions below because my summer is coming to an end but I still love cuddling up and having a lazy day by the TV. So if its to do with Superheros Romance or Comedy leave it below!

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