Paris , Vlogging & Getting Older // lifestyle

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would do a bit of a lifestyle , personal post today , the sun is shining outside today which is a bit rare for Ireland , so I thought why not write this post outside in the good weather with a big cup of lemonade? perfection!

So I suppose I’ll start off with Paris. about a month ago nearly 2 now , my boyfriend and I decided that we should go on our first ever holiday together and almost immediately Paris was the winner. I’ve been to Paris before with my family , but that was a long time ago so I thought why not go back and actually enjoy it at my age. At the age of 9 I didn’t really appreciate the beauty , and I think I was only bothered about going to Disneyland. We’re going mid July in hopes that we catch the gorgeous weather , its a 5 day long trip which is perfect because we have already planned out what we’re going to see and where we’re going to visit. I’ve already started saving my pennies because Paris has a Sephora and of course I need to spend a little time in there and pick up a few bits and bobs!

Okay … Second thing! Should I vlog while I’m away? I’ve been watching so many vlogs recently , Zoella , Alfie , Danielle Mansutti etc etc , and it has really made me want to vlog , there’s nothing that amazing to do where I live so I was thinking maybe vlogging while we’re in Paris? There’s so much things to do over the 5 days and I would love to document it to look back on , leave me a comment below and tell me what you think! also What is the best vlogging camera? the Canon g7x or the Sony a5100? let me know in the comments too!

well , well , well April is here , my birthday month!! I can’t actually believe that I’m turning 20 in 10 days! I still feel like I’m 17. Turning 20 is a little scary to me , since I don’t really have my life all figured out yet , I have no idea what I’ll be doing this time tomorrow , never mind this time next year. I’m not 100% sure if I even want to turn 20 ( as if I have a choice haha) I suppose I’ll have to play it by ear , get on with work, earn a little bit of money and figure it all out later when I scare myself a little more with the fact I’m getting older ( I’ve already started to up my skincare , can you tell I’m not too keen on turning 20 yet?) I still feel like a teenager at heart and I’m sure that feeling wont wear off soon , I’m sure it really doesn’t wear off even when you do get older.

I’ve also been getting into wanting to be a little more fitter , I’ve been looking up some recipies for smoothies I can make ( Once I find my blender , that thing has been missing for about a year) and healthier food I can have. I’ve been far too dependant on the odd pizza here and there , and it needs to stop even though I’m pretty sure I’ll never have the summer body I want at this stage , you gotta start somewhere! I’ve been following some instagram and snapchatters, and getting motivated to eat healthier and live a healthier life , so I made it my goal this up coming week , to get up early every day ( even if I do have an 8 hour shift to work ) make a healthy smoothie and take a walk!


So I think I’ll leave it there today , the sun is literally beaming down at me , and my lemonade could do with a bit of ice. I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings be sure to comment below what I should do in Paris while I’m away , whether I should vlog or not and what vlogging camera you think is the best! I hope you all have a great evening  and you enjoyed my little personal post , I want to do more of these more often as I think its a way of getting to know me a little better


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How To // Orange Sunset Smokey Eye


Hi Everyone

It’s been so so long since I’ve done a little mini tutorial so I thought why not make one on a look I did a few days ago which I just loved. The look I did was very last minute , I didn’t really take time to think it out I just went with the flow and created this red-y orange smokey eye. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to get this look below so I hope you enjoy this little post!

  1. I started off by priming my eyelid with some of the collection lasting perfection concealer , this cancels out any unevenness or veins on my eyelid making my eye appear more smooth and it also keepes the eyeshadow on for longer.
  2. I grabbed a little palette off ebay that I bought a while back ( if I can find the link I’ll post it , it was mostly warm colours and cost around 4 euro) and started with an orange colour. Any light orange colour will do , and you want to blend this all the way up to the brow bone so that it creates a perfect gradient for the eyeshadow
  3. I started off with a BRIGHT red eyeshadow ( I made sure it was bright red because I knew the pigment wouldn’t be as intense since I was blending and blending and I really wanted it to be seamless. I kept adding and adding colour and blending it all out but not bringing it up as far as I took the light orange colour
  4. I then took a warm toned brown colour , any colour will do and just focused that on the outter edge to give the look more depth and add a little bit more colour than just red and orange
  5. OKAY! my favourite part , and I was being extra different at this part because I put my own little tie to it. I didn’t have a purple eyeliner , but I did have a purple lip pencil that I had never really used before because I had sort of went off purple lips for a while so I just added a little bit of that just under my waterline making sure to really get into my lashes , I blended that colour out then with the red and orange shadow mixed together , but unfortunately you can’t really tell by the photo the colour of the liner is what I’m actually wearing all over my lips and its from the brand Gosh!
  6. I paired the look off with some Ardell demi wispies and I was good to go!


I really really loved this look as I just felt that my green eyes really popped with the shadows I picked. I wanted to make the look a little easier , I’m sure most people who have warms undertones would have a warm palette at home , and I really didn’t use any weird or out there colours , I just made sure that they were blended really well and that it didn’t look chunky on the eyes.

What do you guys think of this look? I would love to know your opinions below

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Mini Boots Haul


Hi everyone

so …. I did some splurging and I thought would share , I was totally only meant to be buying one thing on , but decided that I needed a little bit more haha , it is quite a small haul but it all amounted to around 60ish euro so I suppose in a way … its not really!

The first thing I picked up and what was my soul mission to get was the Benefit Triple Performing Moisturiser  THIS MOISTURISER! Wow! I got a little sample of this product about a month ago and had been using it every day and found myself not really reaching for my other moistursier, so I thought I needed to get the full sized botttle when my little sample one ran out. This product cost €33.50

The next thing I picked up was the NYX Matte Liquid Liner I was in dire need of a new liquid liner as my gel one was on its last legs and I wanted to revert back to liquid since the makeup course I will be doing only focuses on liquid and I thought I may aswell get as much practice in as possible before it starts and try to train myself back into the liquid liner ways haha! This product cost €7.75

I needed to get a new concealer so I just picked up my holy grail Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer again because it literally gives off a highend finish at a drugstore price point , this concealer is the only concealer that I have actually repurchased because it was that good and its also a beauty community favourite so you’d be a bit silly not to try it at least once! This product was the cheapest coming in at €5.79

The last product I bought was the L’oreal Lumi Magique Primer I’m on a huge primer binge these past few weeks , and I needed to try this out ever since I heard it was meant to be a cheaper alternative to Mac Strobe Cream , I think under foundation this will really give me that ” glow from within” look that I absolutely adore! this product was €14.99

So my grand total spending was 61.99 which … sorta makes me feel a little sick inside to think thats what I spent but I suppose I can talk myself around and justify the fact that I NEEDED these products haha .

Have any of your tried these products? what were your thoughts , I would love to hear them below in the comments

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Ardell Demi Wispies // Review


Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all well! I’m just finished another week of work , and decided that I need to sit down and get back to writing on the blog! I thought today I would review the demi wispies by Ardell , this is the first lash of theirs that I have tried so I thought I would talk a little bit about it.

I got these lashes at the makeup pro store in Derry and they cost me around £6.99 , which isn’t cheap . I’m used to buying the sultry lashes in penneys at €1.50 so this sort of broke my heart a little when I seen the price but I really wanted to try them so thought I would take the plunge … for the sake of the blog ( haha ) I know theres a lot of more expensive lashes out there too , but I always thought of Ardell as affordable drugstore.

I’m so impressed by these lashes , I decided to get the demi wispies because I wanted a lash that I could wear everyday and not have the added drama that the original whispies have. I wore these lashes to my sisters 18th and they stayed on all night AND looked natural. I honestly do think I will go back and purchase the original wispies though to have them for nights where I do want a little something extra to add to an eye look.

The band was very easy to hide because it was so thin.I love thin bands because it doesn’t look TOO obvious that you’re wearing fake lashes. With or without liner the band is very easy to hide which is something I just loved about them. There’s nothing worse than having a thick band in my opinion , they look unnatural and sometimes can be quite uncomfortable.

They were easy to wear and easy to apply and felt comfortable all night which is surprsing for me since it takes a couple of wears for a pair of lashes to sit right or feel comfy on me. The only gripe I have with this product is that it doesn’t come with a little itty bitty glue tube. luckily I like to keep all my little tubes of glue that come with lashes , I  just feel like its a waste to buy lash glue when half the time the glue comes with the lash. Other than that little hiccup I love these lashes.

have you tried these lashes? let me know your thoughts in the comments below I’d love to hear your opinion on them.

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Makeup Studio Face It Cream Foundation // First Impression


Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all well its been a busy busy week for me , I worked 7 days in a row all 8 hour shifts and late nights , so its nice to have a day off to write a little blog post. This weekend it was my sisters 18th birthday and I was in search for a really good foundation since I wanted to invest in something that was going to make my skin look amazing for the night and also last throughout the night. I decided to takea  trip into Derry and go to the Paddy McGurgan makeup pro store and check out what they had to offer in foundations.

I have quite dry skin so I knew I wanted to try something that wasn’t going to cling to any dry spots or make my skin look worse than it was. I opted for the Makeup Studio Face It Cream Foundation in light beige since it offered that dewy glow to my face but also promised to stay put for those long hours of partying.


The foundation comes in a little pot ( which is super cute and different to what I was used to ) and you’re able to attach any other colours you have together and stack them up! ( which I also found really cool for the aspring makeup artist who needs different colours in their kit) The foundation cost £24.50 which came out at around 29 for me.

I applied my foundation with the real techniques buffing brush , it was recommended to use a duo fibre brush for this foundation but I found I didn’t have much control over it , so decided to change the brush I used and it worked a treat. The girl who colour matched me also said that the foundation would easily last you 6 months since you really don’t need to use all that much to get a full coverage look, and she was totally right!

The foundation applied evenly and naturally it literally looked just like my skin. I was so pleased with this foundation since it really did do what it promised. The foundation lasted all night even after all the dancing and drinking that we did!

I hope you liked this little post , have you tried this product of heard of it? I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments

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