How To // Orange Sunset Smokey Eye


Hi Everyone

It’s been so so long since I’ve done a little mini tutorial so I thought why not make one on a look I did a few days ago which I just loved. The look I did was very last minute , I didn’t really take time to think it out I just went with the flow and created this red-y orange smokey eye. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to get this look below so I hope you enjoy this little post!

  1. I started off by priming my eyelid with some of the collection lasting perfection concealer , this cancels out any unevenness or veins on my eyelid making my eye appear more smooth and it also keepes the eyeshadow on for longer.
  2. I grabbed a little palette off ebay that I bought a while back ( if I can find the link I’ll post it , it was mostly warm colours and cost around 4 euro) and started with an orange colour. Any light orange colour will do , and you want to blend this all the way up to the brow bone so that it creates a perfect gradient for the eyeshadow
  3. I started off with a BRIGHT red eyeshadow ( I made sure it was bright red because I knew the pigment wouldn’t be as intense since I was blending and blending and I really wanted it to be seamless. I kept adding and adding colour and blending it all out but not bringing it up as far as I took the light orange colour
  4. I then took a warm toned brown colour , any colour will do and just focused that on the outter edge to give the look more depth and add a little bit more colour than just red and orange
  5. OKAY! my favourite part , and I was being extra different at this part because I put my own little tie to it. I didn’t have a purple eyeliner , but I did have a purple lip pencil that I had never really used before because I had sort of went off purple lips for a while so I just added a little bit of that just under my waterline making sure to really get into my lashes , I blended that colour out then with the red and orange shadow mixed together , but unfortunately you can’t really tell by the photo the colour of the liner is what I’m actually wearing all over my lips and its from the brand Gosh!
  6. I paired the look off with some Ardell demi wispies and I was good to go!


I really really loved this look as I just felt that my green eyes really popped with the shadows I picked. I wanted to make the look a little easier , I’m sure most people who have warms undertones would have a warm palette at home , and I really didn’t use any weird or out there colours , I just made sure that they were blended really well and that it didn’t look chunky on the eyes.

What do you guys think of this look? I would love to know your opinions below

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