The Best Dewy Glow // Mac Soft & Gentle MSF


Hi Everyone!

About two months back , I decided to really treat myself and go for a little mac goodie , I thought long and hard on what I really needed to acheive a perfect base , I had already got some holy grail products , but could never find a highlighter that suited me. After doing my research ( watching numerous youtube videos haha) I thought Soft and Gentle was the one and only for me.This product is such a staple in so many peoples makeup bags that I thought I should give it a whirl and see what the fuss was about.

So lets get into the nitty gritty details.

The price point is like any other Mac product , it doesn’t come cheap. This MSF came about at around 45ish but I knew I wanted to splurge on it , I’m not the type of person that really likes to treat myself unless its a birthday or holiday but I just thought after getting a new job , that I deserved it.

What drew me to it at first was the colour , its the most amazing pink champagne-y colour ever , and of course I just had to cover myself in it the first day I got it just to make sure it properly worked , I wouldn’t just want to put on the average amount of highlighter , oh no! I had to go all out.


I was actually surprised that it didn’t really feel that powdery when I touched it it felt like it just melted into my skin which of course I loved , there’s no worse feeling that having a big blotch of powder sitting on your cheeks doing nothing , its not at all flattering.

I am in love with dewy , fresh looking skin , I have quite dry skin so what ever type of product that promises moisture , or dewiness I’m all over and this product just changed my makeup game for the better.

If I want to go ALL OUT , and intensify it even more , before I add the S&G I like to get add a tiny bit of the Benefit high beam to the tops of my cheeks , blend it out and then apply S&G over that as it gives just a naturally stunning dew to the skin.

Have you ever tried this product? what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below


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November Favourites // 2015


Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe November is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner! I absolutely live for Christmas so I can’t wait to get right into the festive feeling and get my tree up in the next week or so.

Going into the colder months , I like to change up my makeup quite a lot because my skin gets so so dry so I’ll be talking about the products I’m loving to keep a healthy glow to my skin and then some random stuff towards the end of the post.This post includes a lot more skin care items just because of the time of year.Okay so lets get into it…

Beauty Items

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion: Okay wow! I decided I needed to change up from the Garnier Micellar Water ( You can read all about it HERE) and try something new and this is my new holy grail cleanser. My skin feels like a babies bottom after I use this!

Avene Skin Recovery Cream: I adore this cream! I wear it usually at night because its a full on moisturizing cream and I feel its a little too heavy under makeup but its amazing to sleep in. My skin feels plumper and smoother in the morning its amazing

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : I’ve fallen in love with this foundation again, I know a lot of people tend to go for more matte makeup in the winter but I hate when I have dry skin and then put more matte products on top of it I feel like I’m about to crack! This foundation is perfect because it’s a more tacky foundation that I could also set with powder if I so desire. You can read all about it HERE

Wet n Wild Walking on Egg Shells: So this might sound weird but I don’t use this palette for eyeshadow at all … I actually use the first eyeshadow as a highlighter and its bomb! Changes up my makeup game every time I apply it , if you have this palette give it a go, if you don’t it only costs around 5 euro so you wont be out of pocket!

NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Morocco: A more recent love of mine, but a love nonetheless , I wrote all about this product in my last post that you can read HERE. I adore the colour its a very me colour and I love that its not overly matte when it dries.

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo: Another product I’ve fallen in love with again , I find this to be the best moisturizer to use under makeup because it stays tacky and it’s not heavy, its a very light almost gel like moisturizer which is perfect for applying makeup over.

Random Stuff

Butterfingers: I recently tried some Butterfingers and I think I died and went to Heaven … anyone who knows me knows I love anything with peanut butter in it , I am obsessed with Reese’s but these come first right now.

Asparagus: I feel so stupid putting this in a favourites post , but I’ve been enjoying my fair share of asparagus this past while haha! I hate any kind of vegetable its almost a chore for me to eat vegetables , but my boyfriends mum made dinner for us all last month and included asparagus and I just can’t stop eating it ever since. Shout out to asparagus!

Samantha Ravndahl: Currently obsessed with Sam , she’s been one of my favourite youtubers now for over a year. If you would like to check her channel out , youtube Batalash Beauty , Sam ,Dom and Angela are part of the Batalash team and make videos on various makeup looks!

So that’s it , those are my favourites for this month , short and sweet and totally random with the asparagus but even asparagus needs a little recognition once in a while 😉

Have you tried any of these products? Drop me a comment down below and tell me how you found them. You can follow me on Twitter , Instagram and subscribe to me on Youtube 



July Favourites 2015 ♡


Hi Everyone!

I’m a mere 6 days late with this but I thought I would put up my july favourites anyways since I do have quite a bit that I’ve been loving this month in terms of pretty much everything! I’m hoping to get up a review this week too so hold tight for that. Lets get started on the all important favourites!

Beauty Favourites:

1. L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour foundation: If you’ve read my review on this foundation you’ll know that it is probably my favourite drugstore foundation at the moment and I don’t know whether its going to change soon. I decided to give this foundation a go after I seen numerous Beauty Gurus on Youtube rave about it , I fell in love at first application. You can read my full review on this product HERE

2.Benefits Hola Bronzer: I got this product a few months back , and have been using it religiously since. Its a cult favourite in the makeup world , everyone has had to try it at least once. I actually have many uses for this product such as the obvious Bronzer , I also use this to contour lightly and as eyeshadow. Its such a diverse product. I also wrote about this product HERE.

3.L’Oreal La Palette Nude: I’ve used this palette everyday since I’ve gotten it either mixing it up with different colours in other palettes or sticking to only this palette. The shades in this palette are all warm which is perfect for me because I’m a warm toned kind of gal and I look almost corpse like once one cool toned shade is on my skin. Absolutely adore this palette only thing I don’t quite like is the price. I’m not a fan of spending almost 20 euro on a drugstore palette.

Movie Favourites:

So I only have one movie favourite of this month , but I still wanted to talk about it. I would love to hear about your favourite movies so I could give them a look, I recently went to see Ant-Man and was a little disappointed. Please leave suggestions below.

1. Pretty Women: So recently I found myself quite bored at the house so decided to have a good rut through the old DVD collection and came across this classic! I had seen clips and bits of this movie but never really took time to watch it fully. I watched it and loved it , I actually watched the film 3 times that day! I absolutely adore Julia Roberts and her laugh is absolutely golden! I actually think I might have to go watch it again… hmm…


1.NikkiTutorials: I adore this girl! She is so down to earth and amazing at what she does, she’s really given me the inspiration on trying out new makeup looks and giving new makeup products a go. She’s deffinitly worth the watch and she’s also hilarious, what more could you want?

2.RachelLeea: I haven’t been subscribed to Rachel that long but I’ve been falling in love with her and her youtube channel quickly this past month, she covers everything basically from Makeup Tutorials to Q&A’s to Healthy eating tips and DIY decor , She’s a joy to watch and will get your inspitation going if you’re lacking the motivation to do a project.

So thats my favourites guys , I would really appreciate if you could leave me some movie suggestions below because my summer is coming to an end but I still love cuddling up and having a lazy day by the TV. So if its to do with Superheros Romance or Comedy leave it below!

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My Favourite NYX products

favoruite nyx products

Hi Everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite NYX products that I’ve been loving and using more of this past while , NYX is one of my favourite drugstore brands because they’re affordable and such great quality and as student you really can’t go wrong with this brand! So lets get on with the show…

NYX Skinny black liner

This is one of my newest purchases of NYX and I’m loving it so far! The nib of the pencil is so small and precise that I find its so easy to apply in the water line and it beats liquid liner any day for me! I do find I need to set this with a black eyeshadow otherwise it would crease and I’d look like I had gotten into a bad fight the night before haha!

NYX Liquid Illuminator 

I talked about this a while ago on my blog here , I use this as a liquid blush and then set it with a powder blush or just my normal setting powder because I feel as if it would move throughout the day if I didn’t. I also use a teeny tiny amount mixed with foundation to give my skin a healthy glow.

NYX Powder Blush in Angel

I can’t even describe how in love I am with this blush! I purchased this about a month ago and its all I’ve been wearing on my cheeks as of late! It’s amazing and suits my skin tone so well! It’s a very subtle but buildable dusty pink blush , perfect for all skin tones I feel , I use this when I’m at my palest and also when I fake tan! its amazing!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

What can I say? everyone and their cat has bound to have used this at some stage in their life. It’s the perfect base to make any colour look more dramatic and make the dullest of eyeshadow look bold and beautiful! I also like to use the smallest amount of this in my inner corner to brighten up my look. This should be a staple in anybodies collection I feel!

NYX Love in Florence eyeshadow palette 

I got this palette for my birthday because I was so interested in the colours that this palette had to offer. The peachy pink at the top caught my eye immediately and the iridescent creamy white below it that has flakes of blue in it ( it didn’t pick up well on camera sorry!!) The matte black is amazing and sooo sooo pigmented!

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

This was one of the first products that I’ve ever picked up from Nyx and it was love at first spray! I swear this spray just lets all the powder in my face settle down into my skin and gives off a beautiful dewy glow! I also have a review on this product here , I don’t find that it makes my makeup last as long as it would normally but for the price and the  effect it gives off , makes it a winner in my eyes.

Thanks so much for reading guys I hope you enjoyed this post , I’m hoping to broaden my NYX collection , do you guys have any other NYX products that I should try out? I would love to know your favourites!

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My Top 4 Lipsticks ♡

lippies 001Hi guys!

I wanted to try something different from my previous posts and thought I would let you know what my top 4 lippies are! I should start off by saying I am obsessed with lipsticks and narrowing it down to 4 was sort of hard for me. Each of these lipsticks are different as I didn’t want to bore you with ones that looked too similar. I usually opt for , Oranges , plums and browns. I feel is suits my skin tone better when I wear them so these 4 lipsticks represent each shade!

I included swatches below and more information on each lipstick.

lippies 002

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color 48 Hot Kiss Shimmer: I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this lipstick. I got this lipstick last year in an Estee Lauder gift set for Christmas, it’s a beautiful brown shimmer lipstick that leaves your lips feeling moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. I got three other lipsticks in the gift set which are all amazing quality and actually smell pretty good also! but this was by far my favourite. My lips just look so much more fuller when I wear this its amazing and I dread the day that it runs out!

2. Catrice Ultimate Colour 050 Princess Peach: Although I wouldn’t say this lipstick is a peach , I still love it because It was the exact colour I was looking for when I came across it. When applied to my lips it comes off as a neon orange which I adore when I’m fake tanning and I have a bronze glow to my face. I think this lipstick is perfect for spring and summer since it makes such an amazing statement alone . This lipstick is also on the moisturizing side ,it’s definitely not matte so anyone who wants that matte effect dab some concealer on your lips before you apply and VOILA! matte lipstick!

3. Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107: This lipstick has been on my collection for a few years now , I’ve been through 2 of them , that’s how much I love this colour. It’s a dark red  berry colour and it can be built up to appear almost a deep purple, unlike the others this lipstick is matte and can be quite drying so I like to apply a balm before it and let it sink in so my lips don’t feel so dry when I wear it throughout the day There is no shimmer in it which I love , I’m not a fan of purples having  shimmer in it as I feel its a little too dramatic for me personally since its such a deep colour already.

4.NYX  Extra Creamy Round Lipstick 558 Cocoa: This has been a recent purchase for me , I went out on a whim and got the shade Cocoa thinking it might be a little too dark for my skin tone , but decided TO HECK! I will try it out anyways. ( you can tell I was in a daring mood that day haha ) I got home and put it on immediately and loved it , I was sooo surprised that it actually suited me since it’s a shade or two darker than my Estee Lauder lippie and I didn’t really think I could pull off a darker brown lipstick than that one! This lipstick is also a creamy moisturizing consistency and I find it a little hard to matte this one down so if you’re into the matte lipsticks you might want to try NYX’s matte lipstick range.

Thanks so much for reading guys its been super fun writing this post. I just realized I have a good few non matte lippies and didn’t really think I had that much I was always into the mattes so I sort of shocked myself a little when I realised that most of my collection aren’t matte haha I suppose you learn something new everyday!

I may be MIA for the next few weeks or so as exams are coming up ( eek!!) and I really really need to study for them. I’ll have one more post up this week and it will be a post on what I get for my birthday , I’ll be 19 on thursday so you can expect the post to be up Friday/Saturday

you can follow me on twitter and Instagram to see what I get up to when I don’t blog!I would love to know if you tried out any of these lipsticks and what you thought of them! why not drop me a comment below and tell me your favourites?



Favourites: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foudation ♡


As some of you  know my go to drugstore foundation HAS to be the bourjois healthy mix. I’ve been using this foundation for a while and ever since the first application I swore .. I fell in love. Every time I see someone write a post on hauls or positive  reviews or makeup looks that incorporate the healthy mix foundation I immediately get so happy because someone else has found how good it works for them! 


Today I decided to do another favourites post because I really enjoyed writing my first one that you can read here. Bourjois is one of my favourite drugstore brands, this love came from purchasing one of their baked blushes years and years ago.( so old that I can’t remember the name oops haha ) I tried out their Délíce de Poudre about a week ago and I can safely say that it has become one of my favourite bronzers to use! ( let’s not forget about the amazing smell! Who doesn’t love chocolate?) 


Okay now on to the foundation! This foundation cost me around €11.99. I love how affordable this brand is and how high quality their products are.The foundation has a buildable coverage which I love , I like having the option to look natural using one pump or on days when I feel like I need a little extra coverage ( we all have those persistent spots and red marks that need tending!!) I can achieve it with a few more pumps. This foundation is the perfect foundation for people who want to achieve that dewy flawless look, it is easily set with powder but still gives your skin that radiant glow once you feel that you’ve powdered till the cows come home!  This foundation is also SPF free, so any of you girls/guys out there that hate that annoying white flashback when you look back on photos from nights out will be glad to know that doesn’t happen with this foundation! I sometimes feel like foundations dry out my skin a lot but this one doesn’t , I feel hydrated all day when I wear this foundation it’s amazing! 


I can’t find one single fault with this foundation. I always try to pick out negatives but I can’t seem to find one for this product! It’s an all around amazing foundation that does its job! I would rate this a 10/10 and I’ll definitely be repurchasing this product again after this bottle runs out! It’s become one of my holy grails in my makeup kit!


If any of your guys have tried out this foundation how did you think it worked out for you? I would love to hear your thoughts on this product! 


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Favourites : Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour Foundation ♡

Hi Everyone!

So I thought today I would do another completely different blog post and do a favourites post! I’m starting off with one my favourite high end foundations. The Smashbox studio skin 15 hour wear foundation. I’ll just begin to tell you why I think this foundation is so great!

I’m in the shade 2.1 and I normally wouldn’t go this dark but this foundation looks amazing once powder is applied and you’ve done your highlighting and contouring. The foundation comes in 12 shades .I only really wear this when I go out or when I go to an event because it is so expensive. I picked this up at the smashbox counter in boots a few months back for €28.35. I had a discount card with me and saved €3.15 the original price is €31.50. ( it’s always good to keep your receipts folks you never know when they can come in handy!! 😉 )I was on a self treat day so I though why not!

You get 1 fl. oz. just like any other foundation and it lasts SOOO long! I recommend applying this with a damp beauty blender though as it’s oil free it’s sort of hard to really get it to move once it’s applied to the skin. I feel like because it’s oil free ,it wouldn’t be that great for people with dry skin , although it does state that it’s hydrating I find it sometimes does make my skin a little dry so I make sure to apply a little more moisturizer than normal when I used it.

I can dance, eat, drink, sweat , cry and this foundation will not budge! I don’t need to touch up on anything once it goes on top of this foundation! Not even powder!

The downside to this foundation is that it does take a lot of time to get it off your skin but I don’t really mind that. it  breaks down well with cleanser but I do need to cleanse twice to make sure it ALL comes off.  This foundation claims that it’s hydrating but I feel my skin doesn’t have any extra moisture when I apply it so I just make up for this by applying a little more moisturizer.

I love smashbox as a brand I think their foundation and lipglosses are amazing and can’t wait to try some more of their stuff!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Keep up to date with me on my Instagram and twitter