Paris , Vlogging & Getting Older // lifestyle

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would do a bit of a lifestyle , personal post today , the sun is shining outside today which is a bit rare for Ireland , so I thought why not write this post outside in the good weather with a big cup of lemonade? perfection!

So I suppose I’ll start off with Paris. about a month ago nearly 2 now , my boyfriend and I decided that we should go on our first ever holiday together and almost immediately Paris was the winner. I’ve been to Paris before with my family , but that was a long time ago so I thought why not go back and actually enjoy it at my age. At the age of 9 I didn’t really appreciate the beauty , and I think I was only bothered about going to Disneyland. We’re going mid July in hopes that we catch the gorgeous weather , its a 5 day long trip which is perfect because we have already planned out what we’re going to see and where we’re going to visit. I’ve already started saving my pennies because Paris has a Sephora and of course I need to spend a little time in there and pick up a few bits and bobs!

Okay … Second thing! Should I vlog while I’m away? I’ve been watching so many vlogs recently , Zoella , Alfie , Danielle Mansutti etc etc , and it has really made me want to vlog , there’s nothing that amazing to do where I live so I was thinking maybe vlogging while we’re in Paris? There’s so much things to do over the 5 days and I would love to document it to look back on , leave me a comment below and tell me what you think! also What is the best vlogging camera? the Canon g7x or the Sony a5100? let me know in the comments too!

well , well , well April is here , my birthday month!! I can’t actually believe that I’m turning 20 in 10 days! I still feel like I’m 17. Turning 20 is a little scary to me , since I don’t really have my life all figured out yet , I have no idea what I’ll be doing this time tomorrow , never mind this time next year. I’m not 100% sure if I even want to turn 20 ( as if I have a choice haha) I suppose I’ll have to play it by ear , get on with work, earn a little bit of money and figure it all out later when I scare myself a little more with the fact I’m getting older ( I’ve already started to up my skincare , can you tell I’m not too keen on turning 20 yet?) I still feel like a teenager at heart and I’m sure that feeling wont wear off soon , I’m sure it really doesn’t wear off even when you do get older.

I’ve also been getting into wanting to be a little more fitter , I’ve been looking up some recipies for smoothies I can make ( Once I find my blender , that thing has been missing for about a year) and healthier food I can have. I’ve been far too dependant on the odd pizza here and there , and it needs to stop even though I’m pretty sure I’ll never have the summer body I want at this stage , you gotta start somewhere! I’ve been following some instagram and snapchatters, and getting motivated to eat healthier and live a healthier life , so I made it my goal this up coming week , to get up early every day ( even if I do have an 8 hour shift to work ) make a healthy smoothie and take a walk!


So I think I’ll leave it there today , the sun is literally beaming down at me , and my lemonade could do with a bit of ice. I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings be sure to comment below what I should do in Paris while I’m away , whether I should vlog or not and what vlogging camera you think is the best! I hope you all have a great evening  and you enjoyed my little personal post , I want to do more of these more often as I think its a way of getting to know me a little better


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Review: Catrice Even Skin Tone Foundation


Hi Everyone!

I’m back again with a foundation review , So I think everyone who reads my blog will know I have a mixture of different foundations and I use all of them , but my all time favourite is the L’Oreal infallible matte foundation and has been now for a long time. I haven’t actually went out and purchased a new foundation since then , I have been buying backups , but when I seen the Even Skin Tone foundation in my local pharmacy at the price of 8.49 , I pounced on it.

I’m a huge fan of inexpensive products , I’m a student and I can’t afford to pay out for high end products all the time , so I usually stick to the drugstore stuff until it gets to a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas, so this foundation was right up my street.Lets get on with the review.


The coverage of this foundation is medium to buildable , on days where I don’t want a heavy coverage with the L’oreal infallible matte foundation , I tend to stick to this.


This is probably the hardest thing for me to describe, its liquidy but not runny , its thick but also feels thin , its basically everything but looks perfect on the skin!


The only thing I hated with this foundation is the smell , it stinks! its like a chemically smell , but I noticed with most of Catrices foundations they have that distinct smell , so maybe Catrice thinks its gorgeous and doesn’t want to change it , who knows?


So I put this foundation on at around 7;30 in the morning ( hurray for early morning classes!) and I find that it lasts around 5/6 hours , its not long wearing but I do tend to touch my face throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a foundation that is going to last you through the day, unfortunately this isn’t going to be the one , it will start to wear off on places you tend to get oily throughout the day . If you’re looking for a foundation that wont look cakey and wont be a mask on your face , this is your foundation. It’s very natural on the skin and makes it appear as its just your own skin but better.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, if there are any other products you would like me to review feel free to drop them below and I’ll take a little look!

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My Everyday Makeup Routine! ♡


Hi Everyone!

So today I was just lying about my house , and I thought why not write a blog post? and I was trying to do something new , something I hadn’t done before and then I realized I hadn’t even posted my everyday makeup routine , so I thought I would write about it today and tell you how I apply it and all that jazz! I have all the products numbered on how I would apply them so it would make it a little easier. I’m not going to include skin care because I want to do a post on that later on , on my blog so I left that out.

Makeup routine map

1. L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation: This is now my holy grail foundation, I’ve finally found a foundation that I adore and that works best of my skin! I usually buff this in with a RT buffing brush but I have recently started bouncing a beauty blender over my face after it , it has given me the most flawless base ever! If you’d like to know more about this foundation you can read my full review on it HERE.

2. NYX HD Concealer: I’ve gone through two of these now and just love this product so much , a lot of people rave about how this is like the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers , I’ve never tried them , so I can’t compare but these concealers are the best for highlighting aswell as covering up those pesky little imperfections! I apply this with a damp beauty blender to make sure its all blended in completely!

3. Bourjois Java Rice Powder: So I started off using this product as a highlighter because I had already owned a translucent powder and didn’t really need another so I multi-tasked and used it as a highlighter, since then my precious powder has ran out and I didn’t want to go and buy another so I thought I would use this since I already had it in my collection , and oh my god , this just makes your complexion look amazing , its so velvety and soft and makes your skin feel soft too! absolutely loving this powder!

4.Benefit Hoola Bronzer: ahhh Hoola , how I love thee! This bronzer is literally so amazing , it works on any skin tone whether you’re as pale as a ghost  or as sun kissed as a goddess, this bronzer will work on you its that universal! Its such a neutral tone that it doesn’t look orange or too grey on the skin it just looks like you’ve got such a beautiful tan! I have written all about this product HERE if you want to read more about it!

5.NYX Powder Blush in Angel: This blush is the perfect rosy blush! I find its perfect for any look that I go for , whether it be a glowy tanned look or a simple quick thrown together look. I use this because you literally cannot go wrong with it , it’s easily blendable and buildable!

6. Elf Eyebrow Kit in Light: I got this eyebrow kit from ShopMissA for 1 dollar! which is around maybe 89 cent in the republic of Ireland , bargain! this product is amazing , I didn’t hold up too much hope for it since it was only a dollar , but I’m glad I gave it a go since its become a staple in my makeup routine!

7.NYX Jumbo eye Pencil in Milk: A most loved and raved about product in the beauty community and a well worth loved and raved about product at that! I use this as a base and for carving out my brows! it makes eyeshadows stay on longer and also makes my eyebrows look hella fleekish!!

8. Sleek iDevine palette in Au Naturel: I’ve had this palette in my collection for some time now and I have to say its a love hate relationship , some of the colours are so creamy and buttery and blendable where most of the lighter shades can be more chalky and clumpy ( does this make sense? I dunno) I do however love the darker shades and use these shades to create a subtle “Halo Eye” which I have a How To blog post on how to achieve the look , you can read it HERE.

9.Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara: I love this mascara and with the price it is you really can’t go wrong , it combs through my lashes and just gives them a most needed lift! and yes , I do put on my mascara before my eyeliner… always have , always will! I wrote about this product HERE also.

10.Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner: I never used to be a big gel liner fan I usually leaned towards felt tip or liquid liners but recently I’ve gotten back into it and decided to give my maybelline eye studio a chance, it’s extremely creamy and easy to work with so I recommend it to those starting out with gel liner.

11. Estee Lauder Pure Colour in Hot Kiss Shimmer: If you’ve read my Top 4 Lipsticks post , you’ll remember I included this lipstick , this lippie is amazing! its a browny mauvey sort of colour that just goes with any type of skin tone , I wore it at my palest and I wore it at my tannest ( I get pretty dark especially when I go clubbing) I adore this lipstick but also quite sad that it was limited edition and I’m running out!!

Thanks so much for reading guys , I really enjoyed writing this post for you all , I thought I would do something a little different since I love mixing it up now and again , if you have any questions don’t hesitate , just ask below and I’ll get back to you! Do you have any recommendations on future posts? I would love to hear your opinions!

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chat later!



June Favourites 2015

june favourites Hi everyone! I thought I would do my June favourites today as I don’t think they’ll really change in the next four days since I don’t have plans on buying new products or watching anything new! This is my first favourites post so I thought I would just write down what I’ve been loving this month beauty related and then completely random! Hope you enjoy!

Beauty Favourites:

1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk: I adore this product , I’m so glad I got my hands on it finally! My mum knew that I had been searching for this for ages and could never get it , so at the beginning of this month she spotted one left in my local drugstore and picked it up for me! I use this as an eyeshadow base and also to brighten up my tear duct area! I also use it to highlight under my brows! 2.elf Eyebrow Kit: I picked this up because it was only a Dollar on the shopmissa website ( you can see the haul I did from the shopmissa website here) and decided to give it a go earlier this month and I’m so glad I picked this little guy up! I got the shade light as I find mediums always a little too dark for me in any brow kit , this CHANGED my brow game! 3.Max Factor CC Colour Corrector: I decided to pick this up on a bit of a whim I didn’t really NEED it but thought hey why not? I actually tend to use this more as a brightening stick because its lighter than my foundaton so it highlights my face perfectly! I’ve been using it for the past month or so and I’ve noticed a great difference when I finish my base makeup! It also works at colour correcting too if y’all want to know but I use it mainly for highlighting!

Random Favourites:

1.Orange is the New Black: I started this show last week and watched all 3 seasons in 4 days! All I can say is WOW! I finally found a tv show that is interesting and doesn’t bore me by the third episode! I’m hooked and I cannot wait for season 4 now , pity its a year away! they really need to make 2 seasons  a year, have you watched Orange is the new black? comment below so we can have a fabulous conversation about Litchfields finest inmates haha!

2. Jurassic World: I’ve went to see this movie twice already since it came out, When I first seen the trailer for it I was already sold and wanted to go see it every since I knew it was coming out , The whole cast is pretty much amazing and I really can’t fault anything to do with it! great reboot! Have you seen Jurassic world? what did you think of it?

3.Sims Freeplay: So before you call me a cheap ass because I won’t buy the game , I thought starting out with the freeplay version would be better since I didn’t really know if I would enjoy it that much and would of bought Sims 4 and ended up hating it, buuuuuut I am addicted! I actually find myself ignoring my social media and just playing this all day .. which maybe isn’t the best when my boyfriend is wondering what I’ve been up to the past 5 hours haha but I’m seriously contemplating buying sims 4 now!

4. Danielle Mansutti: Can a person be in a favourites post? I’m sure they can! My favourite youtuber this Month and has been my favourite youtuber for almost a year now is the wonderful Danielle Mansutti, I adore Danielle , I think shes amazing she’s down to earth and a beautiful human being inside and out , she’s actually the person that inspired me to create a blog and influenced me to try make a youtube channel ( I have yet to film a video but it will be coming soon!) if you haven’t subscribed to her already you really should!

So those were my favourites for this month , I really enjoyed writing this post and can’t wait to write another next month! I had a lot of products that I liked this month but I wanted to narrow it down to just three and give you my all time favourites of this month just because it makes it a little easier and condensed!

I’m currently on the lookout for some new makeup products , leave your favourite makeup products down below so I can check them out!

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How To: Halo Eye ♡

Halo Eye tutorialHi Everyone!

I’ve got a different kind of post for you all today something I’ve never done before and it’s a step by step tutorial on how I do my halo eye! I’ve always wanted to delve more into the makeup tutorial side and thought why not start now?  I used mostly the Sleek iDevine palette in Au Naturel to achieve this look, So onto those most important steps!

Halo Eye

1. I firstly applied a thin amount of concealer to my eyelids to cancel out any blueness and to get a smooth base, I then went into my sleek palette and used the  shade Nougat and dusted this all over the lid to set that concealer.

2. I then took a transition shade , I used the benefit hoola bronzer as my transition shade because I feel it’s the perfect shadow to blend out colours with and I feel there really isn’t a fantastic transition shade with this palette as the burnt orangey shade was too orange for this look.

3. I then started from the outer corner of my eye and blended in the shade Bark from the sleek palette making sure the outside was darker and that I had blended the colour well into the crease so it’s very soft!

4. I then took the Bark shade again and started from the inner corner and blending it out softly to where it will meet the previously blended Bark shade at the crease making sure it is darker at the inner corner and blended softly into the crease!

5. I took a flat shader brush and sprayed some NYX Setting spray to make the colour more intense  and packed the colour Taupe   onto the center of my lid.  ( which isn’t taupe at all its more of a champagne shade)

6. I went back in with the Bark shade and made sure the inner and outer corner were darker than the crease.

7. I used a smaller blending brush and took the benefit hoola bronzer and blended it onto my lower lash like I then got a precise angle brush and took Bark and lined close to my lash line then blended the remaining product on my brush onto my lower lash line making sure the colours were blended well and there was no harsh lines!

8. I finished off with some Maybelline Gel Liner and used some eyelashes that I cant for the life of me remember the name of ,because I’ve had them for so long , sorry!

Voila! You’ve got yourself a Halo Eye! I really only started doing this sort of eye tutorial recently because I never really thought it would of suited me but I find myself doing it every day since its really simple and easy too and will flatter any eye shape!

Thanks for reading guys this was a little different for me to do but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new!

Do you have any requests for other makeup tutorials? Leave a comment below

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Review: Essence Get BIG! lashes Volume Boost Mascara


Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all well , Today is my lazy day ( again!) a lot of things have gone wrong this week so I took to the internet to try cheer myself up of course haha. As you all know I’m thinking on starting a YouTube channel and I would love some ideas on what to film , so drop me a comment on what you would like to see below!

Last week I was in search for a new mascara because my bourjois one didn’t really live up to my expectations and didn’t really wow me , you can read how I disliked it here and other products that I wont be purchasing again. I didn’t want to break the bank whilst looking for a new mascara so I took to the Essence stand!!

I heard a lot of fairly good reviews on their mascaras so I decided for 2.89 why not? I picked up the Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara… wow what a mouthful! It wasn’t  going to leave me poor at the end of the week and I really really  needed a new one! When I got home I was so surprised to see that the brush wasn’t plastic, if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know I HATE plastic brushes, they irriate my eyes beyond belief , I think thats the reason I’ve been putting off getting the roller lash for so long now.

The next day I tried it on but I was in one of those ” no makeup” moods and decided just to put it on anyways , and WOW it actually makes your lashes look natural  too! I couldn’t believe what a difference it made to my lashes but they had never looked that good before! My lashes looked full , volumous and not at all clumpy. I was always skeptical of clumpiness being a concern because the mascaras were so cheap but I can honestly tell you all that its an amazing mascara one that I’ll be purchasing again.

I know this post was quite short and to the point , but I didn’t really want to ramble on too much. This week was sort of hectic and I just wanted to get a ” proper” post up.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my little post and feel free to drop a comment if you have anymore questions about the product or you have a video idea for me to do on my new YouTube Channel.

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Review: Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit ♡

seventeen contour kit 001

Hi Everyone!

I’m back again with another post! I thought I would review the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit today, because I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews and decided to try it out for myself and see what the big deal was! I’m a huge contour geek and pick up so many contour kits its crazy… The normal person does not need as many contour kits that I have. I had seen this contour kit for a while and decided to pick it up. Just like my other reviews I’m being completely honest , I did not like this product!

I think at the time Boots were having an offer on their Seventeen stock and it was €8 when you bought this contour kit along with anything else that you liked from their stand.I think the offer was great since the contour kit on its own was €7.59 and  I had wanted to try it out for a long time because of the mixed reviews..I thought why not take up their offer and get another product too that would of been well over the €8 stamp! (I got a primer of theirs also , that I didn’t really like , I might do a review on it soon so keep an eye out!)I really didn’t like either of the two things I purchased , but I suppose for €8 I wasn’t out a great deal of money!

So… onto the kit! This kit comes with two shades a Highlighting shade and a Contour shade both of which are powders. The kit itself comes in only two shades a fair shade , and a medium shade,As far as shades go they don’t really have a great range , I feel they really could of branched out on this one and maybe came up with at least a darker shade since the medium is pretty light too. I bought medium when I’m normally fair.

I used the lightest shade to set wherever I have put my concealer. using this for the first time it  broke up my foundation and made it look a little patchy and made it look like I got some  dry skin going on too.( not cool!) I used the contour shade just to contour and sculpt out my cheek bones and I feel it doesn’t really make my foundation look cakey or patchy like the lighter colour does. The colour payoff is not the best either. The lighter shade is a mix of pink tones (which I can’t stand for my own skin) and the darker shade is almost orange!

seventeen contour kit 004

I would only really recommend this product to someone who doesn’t want to go all out on their first contour kit before they know what they’re really getting into. for €7.59 you can really mess about with it since there’s only 2 shades and it’s easy to know where each shade goes with a handy instructions card.

All in all I would probably give this product a 4/10 just because of the number of shades issue and the colour payoff.  I think they could of put at least 2 highlighting shades and 2 contour shades into the kit and make the shades a little more better since they come off quite chalky and can be quite annoying to work with.I wish they would  include different shades for the kit itself   to make it universal at least. I think a lot of people may have trouble finding their perfect shade in this kit as the colours I feel don’t really associate with the correct skin tones.

Have you tried this product before? if so what did you think of it? Leave a comment below and tell me about your experiences , I would love to hear your opinion! 

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