Mini Boots Haul


Hi everyone

so …. I did some splurging and I thought would share , I was totally only meant to be buying one thing on , but decided that I needed a little bit more haha , it is quite a small haul but it all amounted to around 60ish euro so I suppose in a way … its not really!

The first thing I picked up and what was my soul mission to get was the Benefit Triple Performing Moisturiser  THIS MOISTURISER! Wow! I got a little sample of this product about a month ago and had been using it every day and found myself not really reaching for my other moistursier, so I thought I needed to get the full sized botttle when my little sample one ran out. This product cost €33.50

The next thing I picked up was the NYX Matte Liquid Liner I was in dire need of a new liquid liner as my gel one was on its last legs and I wanted to revert back to liquid since the makeup course I will be doing only focuses on liquid and I thought I may aswell get as much practice in as possible before it starts and try to train myself back into the liquid liner ways haha! This product cost €7.75

I needed to get a new concealer so I just picked up my holy grail Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer again because it literally gives off a highend finish at a drugstore price point , this concealer is the only concealer that I have actually repurchased because it was that good and its also a beauty community favourite so you’d be a bit silly not to try it at least once! This product was the cheapest coming in at €5.79

The last product I bought was the L’oreal Lumi Magique Primer I’m on a huge primer binge these past few weeks , and I needed to try this out ever since I heard it was meant to be a cheaper alternative to Mac Strobe Cream , I think under foundation this will really give me that ” glow from within” look that I absolutely adore! this product was €14.99

So my grand total spending was 61.99 which … sorta makes me feel a little sick inside to think thats what I spent but I suppose I can talk myself around and justify the fact that I NEEDED these products haha .

Have any of your tried these products? what were your thoughts , I would love to hear them below in the comments

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HOW TO: Get the Perfect Brows!

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After 2 months of neglecting my eyebrows and letting them grow out to the point of no return I thought that this week would be the week I get my life back together and get my eyebrows sorted out!

I love the feelng of freshly groomed brows but I never seem to have time to book an appointment and get them done , from being busy all week with college and then being away at the weekends , I just haven’t been able to find the time to take care of them the way I want to. I decided last night that I needed to get my brows back on track and get them back to where they used to be!

I first take a pair of tweezers to shape my brows ( I would recommend googling eyebrow shapes and even using stencils to determine what shape would suit you ) I plucked any hairs that were making my brows look a little messy and untamed.

I then take a pair of little scissors to trim my hair so that it looks neat and tidy and they don’t  look like I was in a 2 month long feud with my brows, I then tend to go in with an eyebrow spoolie so I can see if I missed any hairs.

Personally , I don’t like tinting my brows , I find that tints usually work out too dark for me , so I end up just filling my eyebrows in. I tend to switch up brow products quite a bit . Right now I’m going in between the Seventeen Eyebrow pencil and the Elf eyebrow kit in light. I like these two products because they both differ from each other in texture so they give off different desired looks. The pencil is amazing for a more natural look , and the elf eyebrow kit is amazing for wanting fuller eyebrows.

After I have filled in my brows I then take the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I use this to clean up and carve out my brows , it really makes your brows stand out and all your hard work is on show!

This is a very simple and easy way to maintain your eyebrows , it doesn’t take too long maybe 15 minutes tops and then your eyebrows are looking professionally , freshly done for the next few weeks! I like doing my eyebrows myself because I feel I know what looks best for my face shape and where exactly to leave hairs and tweeze hairs.

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post , once your eyebrows are groomed you feel ready to take on the world! If you have any questions drop them in the comments below. You can follow me on Twitter , Instagram and subscribe to me on Youtube.