Something a little different || Life, College & Anxiety.

Hi guys

So I thought today I would do a different kind of post , I feel like I need to change things around on my blog, put a bit of a personal touch to it and open up a little more. I want to change some things around mix my daily life into it and maybe start vlogging? I’ve been playing around with the idea of vlogging for a while and would love to dive into it , it comes across as the best form of getting to know people and what their pesonality is like.

So apart from trying out vlogging , I’ve also had some things going on in my life, I recently passed my Theory Test for driving and will be starting lessons soon. Driving is something that I really feel I need right now. I think it will give me some independence and freedom as I still live at home because my college is only 15 minutes away.

I suppose before I ramble about college I’ll let you guys know how I’ve been the past few months because I haven’t mentioned it to many people aside from my family, friends and boyfriend. I’ve been having extremely bad anxiety the past few months , and over that short time it has been growing worse. I would find it hard to do every day things , I couldn’t even go to a till to pay for things , I couldn’t answer a phone and I could barely hold a conversation with someone I barely knew. Anxiety is something that everyone deals with differently and for me it was a huge issue a few years ago and has crept back up on me now. I felt like everything was on top of me and that I couldn’t even see where my future was going and that I was just stuck in a rut. I decided that I need to take things slower and set little targets for myself. I have decided to cut my course down from 4 years to 3 , with an optional year at the end of the 3rd year incase I still want to continue on to get a degree. The course I am doing is something I no longer have an interest in , but when I found out I could do 3 years I jumped at the chance instead of giving it up completely.

After talking about college and discussing my options I found that everything was easing off I felt the cloud of anxiety that was following me was finally starting to go. My anxiety isn’t gone completely but I feel¬† talking about the situation to the people closest to me really helped me deal with it.

On a lighter note , Halloween break was great , I finally was able to relax and not have to worry about assignments and work. I spent time with friends and had a chill week. My provisional license will be ariving some time this week so I’ll be starting my lessons once It arrives . My goal is to be able to drive before I go back to college next year so fingers crossed!

I would really love to know your ideas on vlogging , would you be interested in seeing some vlogs? drop me a comment below ūüôā

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Review: Catrice Even Skin Tone Foundation


Hi Everyone!

I’m back again with a foundation review , So I think everyone who reads my blog will know I have a mixture of different foundations and I use all of them , but my all time favourite is the L’Oreal infallible matte foundation and has been now for a long time. I haven’t actually went out and purchased a new foundation since then , I have been buying backups , but when I seen the Even Skin Tone foundation in my local pharmacy at the price of 8.49 , I pounced on it.

I’m a huge fan of inexpensive products , I’m a student and I can’t afford to pay out for high end products all the time , so I usually stick to the drugstore stuff until it gets to a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas, so this foundation was right up my street.Lets get on with the review.


The coverage of this foundation is medium to buildable , on days where I don’t want a heavy coverage with the L’oreal infallible matte foundation , I tend to stick to this.


This is probably the hardest thing for me to describe, its liquidy but not runny , its thick but also feels thin , its basically everything but looks perfect on the skin!


The only thing I hated with this foundation is the smell , it stinks! its like a chemically smell , but I noticed with most of Catrices foundations they have that distinct smell , so maybe Catrice thinks its gorgeous and doesn’t want to change it , who knows?


So I put this foundation on at around 7;30 in the morning ( hurray for early morning classes!) and I find that it lasts around 5/6 hours , its not long wearing but I do tend to touch my face throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a foundation that is going to last you through the day, unfortunately this isn’t going to be the one , it will start to wear off on places you tend to get oily throughout the day . If you’re looking for a foundation that wont look cakey and wont be a mask on your face , this is your foundation. It’s very natural on the skin and makes it appear as its just your own skin but better.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, if there are any other products you would like me to review feel free to drop them below and I’ll take a little look!

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Review: Doll White teeth whitening strips


Hi Everyone!

Tis I , the person who has¬† neglected their blog for a good while. I have no excuses really I was just being lazy and lacked the motivation to write. I’m really trying to get back into the blogging routine and I have a few ideas for some posts already so I’m hopefully going to get my butt in gear and start this blog up again! So onto the post..

Today I have decided to write my review on the Doll White  teeth whitening strips , I got sent these about a month ago now and have been using them every other day because of how sensitive they make my teeth feel.  These strips retail for £19.99 and I got the 14 day  pack , you can visit their website here for more info on prices and packs!

So did I like it? Did I see a difference? Do I think its worth the money? I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I found the strips irritating and they would barely stick down, the gel on them made my mouth froth to the point that I thought I was a rabbid dog it just wasn’t the most pleasing half an hour. After I took my strips off my teeth was layered in this sticky gel that was said to come off easily with water… not the case! I had to rinse my mouth around 5 times and then get kitchen roll to take off the rest of the gel behind my teeth, not nice!

I wanted to try these strips out because I felt that my teeth were lacking that shine and glow and I thought these strips might help them achieve at least a shade up from what they were. I can honestly say that I don’t think for the price that these strips were all that worth it. I know a lot of people found these strips amazing and swear by them , but they just aren’t for me. I have rather sensitive teeth to start off with and the fact these claimed they had no peroxide¬† drew me in, but my teeth were so sensitive I couldn’t even drink water!!

I haven’t included before and after pictures because there was really no big difference , and I felt like it would sort of look funny if my before and after picture were alike.

Have any of you tried the Doll White teeth whitening strips? How did you like them? Did they work for you? let me know in the comments I would love to hear your opinions on them

Also… Have any of you tried any other teeth whitening strips? I would love to try others out, preferably ones that don’t leave your teeth overly sensitive!

Thanks for reading guys , I know this post was a little all over the place in parts but I’m really trying to get back into the zone!

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ShopMissA Haul & Experience


Hi Everyone!

I recieved my ShopMissA delivery yesterday and decided to do a little post and show you all what I go , I got a few accessories and things but I thought I would stick to the makeup for today. I also want to tell you about my experience with them as a company.

I’ll start with my experience, the wesbite is pretty much easy to manage and easy to get around , apart when it comes to the shade/colour picking of each product , I remember clicking on a lipstick and a certain colour that I wanted, but when I had ordered it , it had changed and I got a crappy lime green lipstick instead? I emailed them 3 minutes later asking them would they mind changing the order , but I got an email back saying that their company actually doesn’t have any connections with the warehouse that makes up the deliveries?? WHAT??!??!!? I didn’t really care too much since it was only 1 dollar , but the fact they weren’t helpful really annoyed me and sort of swept it under the mat and ignored me then was a little rude of them.

Okay! Onto the haul! I picked up quite a few lipsticks because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little and mix it up I didn’t include the crappy lime lipstick in this because I literally felt sick looking at it , its a disgusting colour and shall probably be going in the bin haha I would never even think of passing on such a rotten colour!


I got two Elf Lipsticks In Posh and Classy, I swatched this the minute I got them , and I’m impressed so far with their formulation and pigmentation! big thumbs up from me!

I then got 2 LA Colour lipsticks, I got Red Tango and Nude , I like these colours , they aren’t very pigmented and are quite glossy something I wouldn’t of necessarily went for , but for a dollar you can’t go wrong and its always something I can venture back to and mix up with another lippie.

I also purchased an Elf eyebrow kit because I’ve heard this raved about on youtube and wanted to give it a go myself , I swatched the wax and the powder and I love it already , I got the shade in Light because any other shades I get end up far too dark for me , and this one is a perfect match.

The blush I got was from the brand Prism, a brand I have never ever heard of but the colour of the blush caught my eye , I really love it , it is quite subtle but I can build it up quite a bit , the only thing I hate is the packaging its so cheap and flimsy I feel it will break the minute I try to openning it.

The last thing I bought was a Elf eyeshadow quad I got the shade Butternut , The colours in this are sooo pretty and really compliment green eyes , I’m all into warm tones so when I seen this I had to have it!

As I said before these were all 1 dollar, If you see a product you would like reviewed or swatched don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I’ll get right to it.

Hope you enjoyed my little post guys , If I’m completely honest I don’t know if I would order from ShopMissA again , I’m being¬† honest and saying that I really was only blown away by some of these products and they were mostly the elf ones , It cost me a total of ‚ā¨18.00 including delivery, This was just my opinion , maybe you had a better experience but I just wanted to share my thoughts

Have you ordered from ShopMissA? what are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you all , drop me a comment down below.

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Hi Guys!

A bit of a different and quick ¬†post today , It’s been in my head for the past few months to make a youtube channel and to start sharing makeup tutorials and all that jazz on it. I brought it up to friends and family and they’re fully supportive of the idea! I just wanted opinions and maybe a little bit of knowledge from you guys , and if you have a youtube channel how you went about building an audience and such , do you think its a good idea? Do you enjoy doing it? I would love to hear from you all ūüôā

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