The Best Dewy Glow // Mac Soft & Gentle MSF


Hi Everyone!

About two months back , I decided to really treat myself and go for a little mac goodie , I thought long and hard on what I really needed to acheive a perfect base , I had already got some holy grail products , but could never find a highlighter that suited me. After doing my research ( watching numerous youtube videos haha) I thought Soft and Gentle was the one and only for me.This product is such a staple in so many peoples makeup bags that I thought I should give it a whirl and see what the fuss was about.

So lets get into the nitty gritty details.

The price point is like any other Mac product , it doesn’t come cheap. This MSF came about at around 45ish but I knew I wanted to splurge on it , I’m not the type of person that really likes to treat myself unless its a birthday or holiday but I just thought after getting a new job , that I deserved it.

What drew me to it at first was the colour , its the most amazing pink champagne-y colour ever , and of course I just had to cover myself in it the first day I got it just to make sure it properly worked , I wouldn’t just want to put on the average amount of highlighter , oh no! I had to go all out.


I was actually surprised that it didn’t really feel that powdery when I touched it it felt like it just melted into my skin which of course I loved , there’s no worse feeling that having a big blotch of powder sitting on your cheeks doing nothing , its not at all flattering.

I am in love with dewy , fresh looking skin , I have quite dry skin so what ever type of product that promises moisture , or dewiness I’m all over and this product just changed my makeup game for the better.

If I want to go ALL OUT , and intensify it even more , before I add the S&G I like to get add a tiny bit of the Benefit high beam to the tops of my cheeks , blend it out and then apply S&G over that as it gives just a naturally stunning dew to the skin.

Have you ever tried this product? what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below


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Keeping that Healthy Summer Glow | Tips & Tricks


Hi guys ,

So with Winter at our doorsteps and Summer in the past I thought it would be a good idea to let you know my tips and tricks with keeping that beautiful summer glow we achieved over the summer. In Ireland we aren’t so lucky with our weather but I still have a few things up my sleeve on how to fake it and maintain that beautiful skin you’ve worked on all summer!

Just because its winter doesn’t mean we don’t want to look fresh and dewy. My favourite type of glow is the glow that comes from within and this can be achieved a number of different ways.

Keeping that Glow.

1.Dark green vegetables is your best friend for this one.Spinach and Broccoli are two examples These vegetables help with anti-aging and also helps with keeping our skin safe from the damage of the sun!

2. Zinc , found in red meat , eggs , nuts and mushrooms helps the skin create more collagen , making our skin feel more bouncy and youthful,Zinc is also a healer. Zinc helps clear up those dark spots and make skin feel more bright and awake.

3.Vitamin B found in milk , oily fish and poultry has a important role , Vitamin B helps keep our skin feeling moist and smooth!

4. SMOOTHIES! when I think of smooth glowing skin I think of smoothies. Aloha actually have amazing recipies for smoothies on their website Their Cleansing Green Protien smoothie just called to me when I seen it. You can find recipies to other smoothies and different drinks  on their website here

5. The best moisturizer I find for keeping that dewy bright look to the skin is the Avène skin recovery cream , its ideal for people who suffer from dry skin in the colder months and don’t want to say goodbye to that beautiful summer skin.

6.The No.7 skin illuminator is amazing for inhancing your natural glow , I wear this under my makeup to make my skin seem more brighter which is perfect for those dark early winter mornings

Fake it till you Make it!

If you’re as pale as me and long for that golden goddess glow  , then it might just be worth while reading up on what different fake tans have to offer. Some fake tans actually have added vitamins or oils to make sure your skin is still being taken care of when you apply it. I’ve included 2 of my favourite tans that I like to combine together to give me that desired healthy glowing skin.  I find its always better to fake tan so that your skin isn’t exposed to sunlight for long hours on end!

1.BBold Tan includes aloe vera , cocoa butter and Vitamin E these ingredients are key to getting that natural all over glowing tan! I picked this tan up a few months back and loved it and now its all I use. My skin doesn’t feel dry after using it so its two thumbs up for me! ( also it doesn’t have that disgusting tan smell )

2.Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs helps stimulate microcirculation that helps the skin stay firmer and healthier. This tan also looks natural and is perfect for your legs but can be used all over too.

I use these two tans in combination with each other using the Airbrush Legs for my legs ( how obvious can I get) and the BBold for the rest of my body. They’re both water resistant so they stay on during all weather , so there’s no need to worry about your tan in a blizzard you’ll stay fabulously golden!

I hope you enjoyed this little post guys , I was so excited when Aloha reached out to me to write this post , I thought it was so interesting and actually got me wondering how to keep that glow.

If you have any other tips on how to keep your skin looking summer fresh don’t hesitate to comment below so I can also try out your techniques!

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