Review: Catrice Even Skin Tone Foundation


Hi Everyone!

I’m back again with a foundation review , So I think everyone who reads my blog will know I have a mixture of different foundations and I use all of them , but my all time favourite is the L’Oreal infallible matte foundation and has been now for a long time. I haven’t actually went out and purchased a new foundation since then , I have been buying backups , but when I seen the Even Skin Tone foundation in my local pharmacy at the price of 8.49 , I pounced on it.

I’m a huge fan of inexpensive products , I’m a student and I can’t afford to pay out for high end products all the time , so I usually stick to the drugstore stuff until it gets to a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas, so this foundation was right up my street.Lets get on with the review.


The coverage of this foundation is medium to buildable , on days where I don’t want a heavy coverage with the L’oreal infallible matte foundation , I tend to stick to this.


This is probably the hardest thing for me to describe, its liquidy but not runny , its thick but also feels thin , its basically everything but looks perfect on the skin!


The only thing I hated with this foundation is the smell , it stinks! its like a chemically smell , but I noticed with most of Catrices foundations they have that distinct smell , so maybe Catrice thinks its gorgeous and doesn’t want to change it , who knows?


So I put this foundation on at around 7;30 in the morning ( hurray for early morning classes!) and I find that it lasts around 5/6 hours , its not long wearing but I do tend to touch my face throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a foundation that is going to last you through the day, unfortunately this isn’t going to be the one , it will start to wear off on places you tend to get oily throughout the day . If you’re looking for a foundation that wont look cakey and wont be a mask on your face , this is your foundation. It’s very natural on the skin and makes it appear as its just your own skin but better.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, if there are any other products you would like me to review feel free to drop them below and I’ll take a little look!

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Vanity Tour 2015


Hi Everyone!

So I decided to add in a little something different to the posts that I normally do and have opted to show you my vanity through video. I thought it was a quicker and easier way to show you my vanity and was so much fun to film. I love the idea of starting my own youtube channel so I decided why not make a vanity tour my first video? I’ll list below where I have gotten everything from,

Malm Dressing Table- Ikea

Brush Holders- Ikea ( originally candle holders and flower pots)

Silver candle holder – Ikea

Containers – Ikea

Acrylic storage – I got this from a little discount store in my area  for around 20 euro but I’m sure you can find other storage like this on amazon or ebay.

Mirrored Light – boots

I am currently waiting to get some hollywood lights and a big old mirror up but wanted to get this version of my vanity up first because I was too excited and I also wanted to see how the process would look like getting everything ready and sorted. I hope you enjoyed this rather differnet post and don’t forget to thumbs up the video!! It would mean a lot!

I know the quality isn’t superb I’m still getting used to some things but I’m hoping i’ll get better at editing and all that jazz later on!It literally looks like I filmed on a potato but I’m sure I’ll be A OK once I have my better camera on me!

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Mini Drugstore Haul

image (2)

Hi Everyone!

I can’t remember when my last haul was on my blog , but I’ve missed it! I was on a spending ban for the past few months , trying to use up whatever makeup I had , and only buying the necessities. I caved in today ( just a little) and bought some beauty items. I thought it would be a good idea to share them on the blog since I haven’t done a post like this in a good while.

The first thing I picked up with the Collection Lasting perfection concealer I adore this product! I have used this product for the past 4/5 months and this is around my 5th or 6th tube of it. It’s amazing! and for the price its great , the quality is also great. I love highlighting and also concealing with this because its so light . I use the shade 1.Fair so its lighter than my foundation and it can also be used as a highlighter.

The second thing I purchased was The Wet n WIld Walking on Eggshells palette. It will come as no surprise to you that this has been going around the beauty world for the past year or so because its amazing. and it is!!! I recently purchased the Comfort Zone palette and loved it! You can read my review on it HERE. I picked this up because I love how simplistic yet gorgeous the shades were.

I picked up the Wet n Wild megaprotein mascara I was in dire need to pick up a new mascara so I decided on this one , I have never used any of their mascaras so I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried it down below!

I also picked up the Ps. Love Setting Spray this is Penneys ( primark to people in the Uk) own brand , I’m trying to use different products these days and steer away from my Nyx dewy setting spray since it is 10 euro and the bottle isn’t that big. This spray was only 2.50 and its twice the size of the Nyx! I’m hoping this will work wonders!

Lastly I picked up the Garnier Moisture Matte moisturizer I got the combination moisturizer because I tend to get oily and dry in places so I’m hoping this will sort that out for me. I haven’t tried this yet , so again if you have tried out this product let me know what you think below!

Thanks so much for reading guys , if you have any questions feel free to ask below. If you have tried any of these products let me know what you think of them below in the comments also and I’ll get back to you!

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My Everyday Makeup Routine! ♡


Hi Everyone!

So today I was just lying about my house , and I thought why not write a blog post? and I was trying to do something new , something I hadn’t done before and then I realized I hadn’t even posted my everyday makeup routine , so I thought I would write about it today and tell you how I apply it and all that jazz! I have all the products numbered on how I would apply them so it would make it a little easier. I’m not going to include skin care because I want to do a post on that later on , on my blog so I left that out.

Makeup routine map

1. L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation: This is now my holy grail foundation, I’ve finally found a foundation that I adore and that works best of my skin! I usually buff this in with a RT buffing brush but I have recently started bouncing a beauty blender over my face after it , it has given me the most flawless base ever! If you’d like to know more about this foundation you can read my full review on it HERE.

2. NYX HD Concealer: I’ve gone through two of these now and just love this product so much , a lot of people rave about how this is like the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers , I’ve never tried them , so I can’t compare but these concealers are the best for highlighting aswell as covering up those pesky little imperfections! I apply this with a damp beauty blender to make sure its all blended in completely!

3. Bourjois Java Rice Powder: So I started off using this product as a highlighter because I had already owned a translucent powder and didn’t really need another so I multi-tasked and used it as a highlighter, since then my precious powder has ran out and I didn’t want to go and buy another so I thought I would use this since I already had it in my collection , and oh my god , this just makes your complexion look amazing , its so velvety and soft and makes your skin feel soft too! absolutely loving this powder!

4.Benefit Hoola Bronzer: ahhh Hoola , how I love thee! This bronzer is literally so amazing , it works on any skin tone whether you’re as pale as a ghost  or as sun kissed as a goddess, this bronzer will work on you its that universal! Its such a neutral tone that it doesn’t look orange or too grey on the skin it just looks like you’ve got such a beautiful tan! I have written all about this product HERE if you want to read more about it!

5.NYX Powder Blush in Angel: This blush is the perfect rosy blush! I find its perfect for any look that I go for , whether it be a glowy tanned look or a simple quick thrown together look. I use this because you literally cannot go wrong with it , it’s easily blendable and buildable!

6. Elf Eyebrow Kit in Light: I got this eyebrow kit from ShopMissA for 1 dollar! which is around maybe 89 cent in the republic of Ireland , bargain! this product is amazing , I didn’t hold up too much hope for it since it was only a dollar , but I’m glad I gave it a go since its become a staple in my makeup routine!

7.NYX Jumbo eye Pencil in Milk: A most loved and raved about product in the beauty community and a well worth loved and raved about product at that! I use this as a base and for carving out my brows! it makes eyeshadows stay on longer and also makes my eyebrows look hella fleekish!!

8. Sleek iDevine palette in Au Naturel: I’ve had this palette in my collection for some time now and I have to say its a love hate relationship , some of the colours are so creamy and buttery and blendable where most of the lighter shades can be more chalky and clumpy ( does this make sense? I dunno) I do however love the darker shades and use these shades to create a subtle “Halo Eye” which I have a How To blog post on how to achieve the look , you can read it HERE.

9.Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara: I love this mascara and with the price it is you really can’t go wrong , it combs through my lashes and just gives them a most needed lift! and yes , I do put on my mascara before my eyeliner… always have , always will! I wrote about this product HERE also.

10.Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner: I never used to be a big gel liner fan I usually leaned towards felt tip or liquid liners but recently I’ve gotten back into it and decided to give my maybelline eye studio a chance, it’s extremely creamy and easy to work with so I recommend it to those starting out with gel liner.

11. Estee Lauder Pure Colour in Hot Kiss Shimmer: If you’ve read my Top 4 Lipsticks post , you’ll remember I included this lipstick , this lippie is amazing! its a browny mauvey sort of colour that just goes with any type of skin tone , I wore it at my palest and I wore it at my tannest ( I get pretty dark especially when I go clubbing) I adore this lipstick but also quite sad that it was limited edition and I’m running out!!

Thanks so much for reading guys , I really enjoyed writing this post for you all , I thought I would do something a little different since I love mixing it up now and again , if you have any questions don’t hesitate , just ask below and I’ll get back to you! Do you have any recommendations on future posts? I would love to hear your opinions!

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chat later!



Review: Essence Get BIG! lashes Volume Boost Mascara


Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all well , Today is my lazy day ( again!) a lot of things have gone wrong this week so I took to the internet to try cheer myself up of course haha. As you all know I’m thinking on starting a YouTube channel and I would love some ideas on what to film , so drop me a comment on what you would like to see below!

Last week I was in search for a new mascara because my bourjois one didn’t really live up to my expectations and didn’t really wow me , you can read how I disliked it here and other products that I wont be purchasing again. I didn’t want to break the bank whilst looking for a new mascara so I took to the Essence stand!!

I heard a lot of fairly good reviews on their mascaras so I decided for 2.89 why not? I picked up the Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara… wow what a mouthful! It wasn’t  going to leave me poor at the end of the week and I really really  needed a new one! When I got home I was so surprised to see that the brush wasn’t plastic, if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know I HATE plastic brushes, they irriate my eyes beyond belief , I think thats the reason I’ve been putting off getting the roller lash for so long now.

The next day I tried it on but I was in one of those ” no makeup” moods and decided just to put it on anyways , and WOW it actually makes your lashes look natural  too! I couldn’t believe what a difference it made to my lashes but they had never looked that good before! My lashes looked full , volumous and not at all clumpy. I was always skeptical of clumpiness being a concern because the mascaras were so cheap but I can honestly tell you all that its an amazing mascara one that I’ll be purchasing again.

I know this post was quite short and to the point , but I didn’t really want to ramble on too much. This week was sort of hectic and I just wanted to get a ” proper” post up.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my little post and feel free to drop a comment if you have anymore questions about the product or you have a video idea for me to do on my new YouTube Channel.

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Products That I will Never Repurchase..

products 015Hi everyone , I hope you’re all well and are looking forward to the weekend! Today is my anniversary with my boyfriend , so we’re going to settle down , watch a movie and have a few drinks, I’ve finished all my exams also so it’s a nice way to relax and unwind! So onto the post..

Today I thought I would show you the products I will NOT be buying again! each product in this post  , didn’t agree with my skin or didn’t fit its purpose. Some of these products may have worked for you however , so don’t hesitate to comment down below if they did.

Essence Silky Touch Blush: I bought this blush loving its colour , but once applied on my cheeks it gave off a chalky sort of patchy look , It also brought me out in small bumps across my cheeks. I stopped using it for a while hoping to god that my skin would go back to normal and it did! Anything that breaks me out deserves a special place in the bin ( and hell) from me!

Seventeen Make Your Mark liquid liner: I picked this liner up because I was looking for a different liner other than the my holy grail eyeliner ( the Collection extreme liner , I’ll be doing a post on that shortly) The tip of the liner is soooo hard I can’t bare it anywhere near my eyes, It was as if I was scratching a brick across my eyelids.I have quite sensitive eyes as I’ve mentioned in a post before and anything hard just tends to annoy them. The colour payoff is also crap and fades throughout the day, I won’t be buying it again!

Seventeen Stay Time concealer: All I can say is that I’ve never enjoyed this from the first application to the last its my most hated concealer I have ever used! it creases like crazy even when set with a powder and it’s formulation is just down right annoying! I probably should say I do like some of Seventeens range , I feel like I’m bashing the brand quite a lot lately since I didn’t enjoy their contour palette , you can see the review here, but I really like their bronzer and their highlighter and not all of their products are bad, but most of them don’t work for me.

Seventeen Eye eyeshadow: I bought this product for Halloween because I needed a gold eyeshadow for my costume. I can safely say this colour of gold will not suit most people It’s such a harsh colour in the pan which probably should of been the first warning sign ,and blends out to a crappy sheer colour. ( you can tell I’m getting frustrated with these products from my language haha) Theres not much to say about this other than I hate it , I wont be using it and its going in the bin straight after I take the picture.

Essence Superfine eyeliner: I feel like I’m also bashing essence , I really love their brand but some of their stuff really are a bit crappy. I used this liner ONCE!.. once , and it dried out before I even got time to do my other eye , I was literally walking about with one eye done until I could find another liner. The tip of this liner is flimsy as hell and it angers me even looking at it.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara: ahhh, Bourjois , one of my favourite brands .. How could you do me wrong? I was sooo let down by this product , my lashes looked thin and not at all curled , they literally just looked like pins coming out of my eyes. NOT ATTRACTIVE! sorry Bourjois , everything else you have it great just not this mascara!

I knew I didn’t want to do all of the products I regretted buying today for one big post , because as it is I’m getting really frustrated even writing about these small few! I have to say they didn’t cost me a fortune and in no way broke the bank , but I wish these brands would just take time to make their products that little bit better.

I hope you enjoyed this shortish , rantish post about the products I’ve been hating I can honestly say it was as if a great weight was taken off my shoulders firing them all into the bin! I love drugstore brands but these ones  did not deliver. Most of my makeup collection is drugstore and I will be doing a drugstore favourites post soon I just wanted to get the horrible one out of the way first.

Do you have any products you’ve used and hated? Feel free to comment below so I know to skip them If I see them! Have you used any of these products and loved them? you can also comment below on why they worked for you!

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Review: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Foundation ♡

e 061 Hi Everyone! I thought today I would write about a foundation I recently picked up. The Dermablend compact foundation by Vichy! I was in search for a new foundation when I came across this one. You might already know that I’ve raved and adored the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation , and as it still holds a special place in my heart I wont be giving it up too soon, but I’m the type of person that NEEDS to try out new foundations and I just can’t stick to one all my life. I can barely stick to one for a month! So , I started my journey through the pharmacy just having a look at all the different stands and the Vichy stand caught my eye ( simply because it was beside the La Roche-Posay stand I swear that brand is like heaven on a stand! haha) I never ever bought any of their products so I decided why not have a look! I actually picked up another one of their products from their skin care range that targets and eliminates spots quickly. I might do a skincare routine soon so when I do you can look out for the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot. What really got me hooked to this product was what the product had to offer, on the website the description says:


I’m having an extremely annoying bad skin month right now and have tried sooo many products and different foundations to try fix my skin. I stopped using the bourjois foundation as I felt the dewiness of it didn’t help with the fact that my skin had gotten extremely oily. I didn’t want to add to the oiliness that my skin was already making ( disgusting I know I literally felt like I was drowning haha! ) This foundation also has light diffusing pearls which I love! I’m extremely self conscious too about my red marks and little spots so I love that this is able to cover it! It comes with a little sponge, which I wont be using because I’ve gone off sponges big time after I had a falling out with my real techniques miracle complexion sponge ( it just wasn’t co-operating with me these days ) So instead of a sponge I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and just buff it in and does an amazing job! My skin looks hydrated , healthy and not oily whatsoever! The foundation covers up all those pesky spots and red marks so well that I don’t actually need to wear any concealer over it! The less product I have to use on my face the happier I will be! The only thing I have a gripe with is the fact it only comes in 5 shades. I’m in the shade Nude which is the second lightest shade and I find its a really good match for my skin tone. I try to stay away from pink tones as it makes my skin look dull and ashy , but this colour is a perfect yellowy tone and suits me the best! I don’t know if everyone will have the best experience trying to find a perfect shade as I did , as the lightest is literally white and one shade darker than mine is completely orange.

So altogether I can’t really complain about this product since its worked out well for me but the shade selection for others may be an issue, I would rate this product a 8/10 just because the shade selection isn’t great, but I can already tell this will be my number one foundation soon, since its easily blendable and has amazing coverage!

thanks so much for reading guys hopefully you enjoyed my little post. I had my first exam today and I can’t really tell whether it went well or not , I suppose I just had to see when I get my results back. I’m absolutely drained so I thought posting would be a good way to just relax for the rest of the night!

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