Ardell Demi Wispies // Review


Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all well! I’m just finished another week of work , and decided that I need to sit down and get back to writing on the blog! I thought today I would review the demi wispies by Ardell , this is the first lash of theirs that I have tried so I thought I would talk a little bit about it.

I got these lashes at the makeup pro store in Derry and they cost me around £6.99 , which isn’t cheap . I’m used to buying the sultry lashes in penneys at €1.50 so this sort of broke my heart a little when I seen the price but I really wanted to try them so thought I would take the plunge … for the sake of the blog ( haha ) I know theres a lot of more expensive lashes out there too , but I always thought of Ardell as affordable drugstore.

I’m so impressed by these lashes , I decided to get the demi wispies because I wanted a lash that I could wear everyday and not have the added drama that the original whispies have. I wore these lashes to my sisters 18th and they stayed on all night AND looked natural. I honestly do think I will go back and purchase the original wispies though to have them for nights where I do want a little something extra to add to an eye look.

The band was very easy to hide because it was so thin.I love thin bands because it doesn’t look TOO obvious that you’re wearing fake lashes. With or without liner the band is very easy to hide which is something I just loved about them. There’s nothing worse than having a thick band in my opinion , they look unnatural and sometimes can be quite uncomfortable.

They were easy to wear and easy to apply and felt comfortable all night which is surprsing for me since it takes a couple of wears for a pair of lashes to sit right or feel comfy on me. The only gripe I have with this product is that it doesn’t come with a little itty bitty glue tube. luckily I like to keep all my little tubes of glue that come with lashes , I  just feel like its a waste to buy lash glue when half the time the glue comes with the lash. Other than that little hiccup I love these lashes.

have you tried these lashes? let me know your thoughts in the comments below I’d love to hear your opinion on them.

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The Best Dewy Glow // Mac Soft & Gentle MSF


Hi Everyone!

About two months back , I decided to really treat myself and go for a little mac goodie , I thought long and hard on what I really needed to acheive a perfect base , I had already got some holy grail products , but could never find a highlighter that suited me. After doing my research ( watching numerous youtube videos haha) I thought Soft and Gentle was the one and only for me.This product is such a staple in so many peoples makeup bags that I thought I should give it a whirl and see what the fuss was about.

So lets get into the nitty gritty details.

The price point is like any other Mac product , it doesn’t come cheap. This MSF came about at around 45ish but I knew I wanted to splurge on it , I’m not the type of person that really likes to treat myself unless its a birthday or holiday but I just thought after getting a new job , that I deserved it.

What drew me to it at first was the colour , its the most amazing pink champagne-y colour ever , and of course I just had to cover myself in it the first day I got it just to make sure it properly worked , I wouldn’t just want to put on the average amount of highlighter , oh no! I had to go all out.


I was actually surprised that it didn’t really feel that powdery when I touched it it felt like it just melted into my skin which of course I loved , there’s no worse feeling that having a big blotch of powder sitting on your cheeks doing nothing , its not at all flattering.

I am in love with dewy , fresh looking skin , I have quite dry skin so what ever type of product that promises moisture , or dewiness I’m all over and this product just changed my makeup game for the better.

If I want to go ALL OUT , and intensify it even more , before I add the S&G I like to get add a tiny bit of the Benefit high beam to the tops of my cheeks , blend it out and then apply S&G over that as it gives just a naturally stunning dew to the skin.

Have you ever tried this product? what are your thoughts on it? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below


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Makeup Revolution Death by Chocolate Palette


Okay , so I was debating what my first come back post would be , and I decided since I got soooo much makeup revolution stuff for Christmas that I would start off with the death by chocolate palette,I can’t even describe how hard it was for me to get my hands on any of the items in this brand , it didn’t come to my superdrug until 2 weeks before christmas! ( first world problems)

Lets start with the obvious , this palette is meant to resemble the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes, but don’t be fooled , this particular palette is not a dupe for any of the Too Faced ones , They do have a salted caramel which is meant to resemble the Semi Sweet chocolate bar palette and a normal chocolate bar palette to resemble the original one.

When I look at the colours in this palette its almost like the original chocolate bar palette just a little bit darker, the colours in this palette are mostly cool toned , not something I would of picked up a few months ago , but I’m coming out of my comfort zone these days and I thought about experimenting , so if cool tones aren’t for you then you won’t like this palette!

The pigmentation! WOW! just WOW , I’ve never used any other drugstore brand that had pigmentation like this , the colours are so buttery and so easy to work with that my eye makeup looks like a dream! I have 2 other palettes from Makeup Revolution the Ultra flawless palette and the Run Boy Run palette and the pigmentations in the both of those are out of this world too!

The Scent , you either love it or hate it , some people online seem to think there is a chemical smell off of it? I honestly don’t get that I just get a really artificial chocolate smell , which doesn’t put me off it at all , in fact I don’t really care much for the smell


overall I’m so so pleased and happy with this product , its amazing and only cost     12 which is an absolute bargain , there’s not one negative thing I have to say about it , I was honestly blown away! I can’t wait to purchase more of their chocolate bar palettes in the future

hope you all enjoyed my little come back post , have you tried this product? let me know if you liked it in the comments below!


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How To: Halo Eye ♡

Halo Eye tutorialHi Everyone!

I’ve got a different kind of post for you all today something I’ve never done before and it’s a step by step tutorial on how I do my halo eye! I’ve always wanted to delve more into the makeup tutorial side and thought why not start now?  I used mostly the Sleek iDevine palette in Au Naturel to achieve this look, So onto those most important steps!

Halo Eye

1. I firstly applied a thin amount of concealer to my eyelids to cancel out any blueness and to get a smooth base, I then went into my sleek palette and used the  shade Nougat and dusted this all over the lid to set that concealer.

2. I then took a transition shade , I used the benefit hoola bronzer as my transition shade because I feel it’s the perfect shadow to blend out colours with and I feel there really isn’t a fantastic transition shade with this palette as the burnt orangey shade was too orange for this look.

3. I then started from the outer corner of my eye and blended in the shade Bark from the sleek palette making sure the outside was darker and that I had blended the colour well into the crease so it’s very soft!

4. I then took the Bark shade again and started from the inner corner and blending it out softly to where it will meet the previously blended Bark shade at the crease making sure it is darker at the inner corner and blended softly into the crease!

5. I took a flat shader brush and sprayed some NYX Setting spray to make the colour more intense  and packed the colour Taupe   onto the center of my lid.  ( which isn’t taupe at all its more of a champagne shade)

6. I went back in with the Bark shade and made sure the inner and outer corner were darker than the crease.

7. I used a smaller blending brush and took the benefit hoola bronzer and blended it onto my lower lash like I then got a precise angle brush and took Bark and lined close to my lash line then blended the remaining product on my brush onto my lower lash line making sure the colours were blended well and there was no harsh lines!

8. I finished off with some Maybelline Gel Liner and used some eyelashes that I cant for the life of me remember the name of ,because I’ve had them for so long , sorry!

Voila! You’ve got yourself a Halo Eye! I really only started doing this sort of eye tutorial recently because I never really thought it would of suited me but I find myself doing it every day since its really simple and easy too and will flatter any eye shape!

Thanks for reading guys this was a little different for me to do but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something new!

Do you have any requests for other makeup tutorials? Leave a comment below

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Where have I been?

It’s me! I’ve returned! I’m so sorry for not posting the past week or more , I’ve been extremely busy! I’m in search for a new job and even with the experience needed it’s hard it get ahold of! Passing out cv’s can be extremely tiring! I’m hoping to have a good post up in a few hours to get me stuck back into my blog.

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Products That I will Never Repurchase..

products 015Hi everyone , I hope you’re all well and are looking forward to the weekend! Today is my anniversary with my boyfriend , so we’re going to settle down , watch a movie and have a few drinks, I’ve finished all my exams also so it’s a nice way to relax and unwind! So onto the post..

Today I thought I would show you the products I will NOT be buying again! each product in this post  , didn’t agree with my skin or didn’t fit its purpose. Some of these products may have worked for you however , so don’t hesitate to comment down below if they did.

Essence Silky Touch Blush: I bought this blush loving its colour , but once applied on my cheeks it gave off a chalky sort of patchy look , It also brought me out in small bumps across my cheeks. I stopped using it for a while hoping to god that my skin would go back to normal and it did! Anything that breaks me out deserves a special place in the bin ( and hell) from me!

Seventeen Make Your Mark liquid liner: I picked this liner up because I was looking for a different liner other than the my holy grail eyeliner ( the Collection extreme liner , I’ll be doing a post on that shortly) The tip of the liner is soooo hard I can’t bare it anywhere near my eyes, It was as if I was scratching a brick across my eyelids.I have quite sensitive eyes as I’ve mentioned in a post before and anything hard just tends to annoy them. The colour payoff is also crap and fades throughout the day, I won’t be buying it again!

Seventeen Stay Time concealer: All I can say is that I’ve never enjoyed this from the first application to the last its my most hated concealer I have ever used! it creases like crazy even when set with a powder and it’s formulation is just down right annoying! I probably should say I do like some of Seventeens range , I feel like I’m bashing the brand quite a lot lately since I didn’t enjoy their contour palette , you can see the review here, but I really like their bronzer and their highlighter and not all of their products are bad, but most of them don’t work for me.

Seventeen Eye eyeshadow: I bought this product for Halloween because I needed a gold eyeshadow for my costume. I can safely say this colour of gold will not suit most people It’s such a harsh colour in the pan which probably should of been the first warning sign ,and blends out to a crappy sheer colour. ( you can tell I’m getting frustrated with these products from my language haha) Theres not much to say about this other than I hate it , I wont be using it and its going in the bin straight after I take the picture.

Essence Superfine eyeliner: I feel like I’m also bashing essence , I really love their brand but some of their stuff really are a bit crappy. I used this liner ONCE!.. once , and it dried out before I even got time to do my other eye , I was literally walking about with one eye done until I could find another liner. The tip of this liner is flimsy as hell and it angers me even looking at it.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara: ahhh, Bourjois , one of my favourite brands .. How could you do me wrong? I was sooo let down by this product , my lashes looked thin and not at all curled , they literally just looked like pins coming out of my eyes. NOT ATTRACTIVE! sorry Bourjois , everything else you have it great just not this mascara!

I knew I didn’t want to do all of the products I regretted buying today for one big post , because as it is I’m getting really frustrated even writing about these small few! I have to say they didn’t cost me a fortune and in no way broke the bank , but I wish these brands would just take time to make their products that little bit better.

I hope you enjoyed this shortish , rantish post about the products I’ve been hating I can honestly say it was as if a great weight was taken off my shoulders firing them all into the bin! I love drugstore brands but these ones  did not deliver. Most of my makeup collection is drugstore and I will be doing a drugstore favourites post soon I just wanted to get the horrible one out of the way first.

Do you have any products you’ve used and hated? Feel free to comment below so I know to skip them If I see them! Have you used any of these products and loved them? you can also comment below on why they worked for you!

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Review: Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit ♡

seventeen contour kit 001

Hi Everyone!

I’m back again with another post! I thought I would review the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit today, because I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews and decided to try it out for myself and see what the big deal was! I’m a huge contour geek and pick up so many contour kits its crazy… The normal person does not need as many contour kits that I have. I had seen this contour kit for a while and decided to pick it up. Just like my other reviews I’m being completely honest , I did not like this product!

I think at the time Boots were having an offer on their Seventeen stock and it was €8 when you bought this contour kit along with anything else that you liked from their stand.I think the offer was great since the contour kit on its own was €7.59 and  I had wanted to try it out for a long time because of the mixed reviews..I thought why not take up their offer and get another product too that would of been well over the €8 stamp! (I got a primer of theirs also , that I didn’t really like , I might do a review on it soon so keep an eye out!)I really didn’t like either of the two things I purchased , but I suppose for €8 I wasn’t out a great deal of money!

So… onto the kit! This kit comes with two shades a Highlighting shade and a Contour shade both of which are powders. The kit itself comes in only two shades a fair shade , and a medium shade,As far as shades go they don’t really have a great range , I feel they really could of branched out on this one and maybe came up with at least a darker shade since the medium is pretty light too. I bought medium when I’m normally fair.

I used the lightest shade to set wherever I have put my concealer. using this for the first time it  broke up my foundation and made it look a little patchy and made it look like I got some  dry skin going on too.( not cool!) I used the contour shade just to contour and sculpt out my cheek bones and I feel it doesn’t really make my foundation look cakey or patchy like the lighter colour does. The colour payoff is not the best either. The lighter shade is a mix of pink tones (which I can’t stand for my own skin) and the darker shade is almost orange!

seventeen contour kit 004

I would only really recommend this product to someone who doesn’t want to go all out on their first contour kit before they know what they’re really getting into. for €7.59 you can really mess about with it since there’s only 2 shades and it’s easy to know where each shade goes with a handy instructions card.

All in all I would probably give this product a 4/10 just because of the number of shades issue and the colour payoff.  I think they could of put at least 2 highlighting shades and 2 contour shades into the kit and make the shades a little more better since they come off quite chalky and can be quite annoying to work with.I wish they would  include different shades for the kit itself   to make it universal at least. I think a lot of people may have trouble finding their perfect shade in this kit as the colours I feel don’t really associate with the correct skin tones.

Have you tried this product before? if so what did you think of it? Leave a comment below and tell me about your experiences , I would love to hear your opinion! 

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