Review: Primark Sultry Lashes

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Hi everyone

Today I thought I would review the Primark ( Penneys for us in Ireland) Lashes in the style “Sultry” , These are my go to lashes for either a, going out dramatic look or an everyday look that I want to add that little bit more to. I have gone through so many pairs of these its insane , so I thought I would do a little review for people who are hesitant on picking them up.

The sultry lashes go for a very budget friendly €1.50 ( I think its £1 in the UK. ) these lashes are not unlike the Ardell Whispies and for the price , you can’t complain. I usually don’t like to hold onto these lashes after the second use because I feel like I’ve gotten my wear out of them. I feel the same with the ardell whispies but to each their own.

I tend to go through lashes quite frequently so I don’t like buying expensive lashes that will end up in the bin after a second use, so these lashes are perfect for me because i don’t feel guilty about binning them after a night out!

These lashes are sooo fluffy and so light that they are extremely easy to apply. I used to suck at applying false lashes but these lashes make it a little more easier since they aren’t heavy. Depending on your eye shape you might need to cut them to shape your eyes , but it really isn’t too hard , just measure them up and take note on where to cut the lashes , you should always cut from the outside since you want to keep the lashes looking natural as possible.

I would recommend these lashes to anyone whos starting out with makeup or people who aren’t quite 100% confident in applying falsies , these lashes are the perfect price and size to fiddle with and practice on and you’ll be a pro at applying lashes by the end of it all!

I hope you enjoyed this little review and found it somewhat helpful. If you have tried these lashes or any of primarks lashes , comment below and tell me what you think of them!

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Mini Drugstore Haul

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Hi Everyone!

I can’t remember when my last haul was on my blog , but I’ve missed it! I was on a spending ban for the past few months , trying to use up whatever makeup I had , and only buying the necessities. I caved in today ( just a little) and bought some beauty items. I thought it would be a good idea to share them on the blog since I haven’t done a post like this in a good while.

The first thing I picked up with the Collection Lasting perfection concealer I adore this product! I have used this product for the past 4/5 months and this is around my 5th or 6th tube of it. It’s amazing! and for the price its great , the quality is also great. I love highlighting and also concealing with this because its so light . I use the shade 1.Fair so its lighter than my foundation and it can also be used as a highlighter.

The second thing I purchased was The Wet n WIld Walking on Eggshells palette. It will come as no surprise to you that this has been going around the beauty world for the past year or so because its amazing. and it is!!! I recently purchased the Comfort Zone palette and loved it! You can read my review on it HERE. I picked this up because I love how simplistic yet gorgeous the shades were.

I picked up the Wet n Wild megaprotein mascara I was in dire need to pick up a new mascara so I decided on this one , I have never used any of their mascaras so I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried it down below!

I also picked up the Ps. Love Setting Spray this is Penneys ( primark to people in the Uk) own brand , I’m trying to use different products these days and steer away from my Nyx dewy setting spray since it is 10 euro and the bottle isn’t that big. This spray was only 2.50 and its twice the size of the Nyx! I’m hoping this will work wonders!

Lastly I picked up the Garnier Moisture Matte moisturizer I got the combination moisturizer because I tend to get oily and dry in places so I’m hoping this will sort that out for me. I haven’t tried this yet , so again if you have tried out this product let me know what you think below!

Thanks so much for reading guys , if you have any questions feel free to ask below. If you have tried any of these products let me know what you think of them below in the comments also and I’ll get back to you!

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Review: Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette

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Hi Everyone!

It feels like forever since I’ve done any sort of review on eyeshadows or makeup of any sort so I thought I would review the wet n wild  Comfort Zone Palette. I picked this up in my local Penneys ( primark to anyone from the UK) I had previously wanted to get the Walking on Eggshells palette But I seen this one and I’m trying to experiment with more colours these days and the green was just calling my name! I had previously watched tutorials on youtube using this palette so I felt the need ( obviously) to go out and buy it.

So onto the palette! I’ve watched many tutorials using this palette on youtube and the colour pay off looked amazing. I spent a whole day reading reviews and looking at swatches on different wet n wild palettes but I came to a decision that I needed the comfort zone palette out of all of them , the most. I swatched this the minute I got home and I literally died on the spot. These eyeshadows are beyond fantastic! They feel luxurious and rich and just high end!

The texture of the colours feels creamy and buttery and work like a dream when applying them. They blend out very easily and just add a more dramatic or natural feel to your makeup as there is so many versatile looks you can accomplish with them.They are all shimmers so there is no mattes in this palette. I’m quite a matte person so venturing out into shimmers was a HUGE difference for me , I don’t normally purchase shimmers I actually steer away from them but I thought I would do something different and out of my “comfort zone” ( Sorry I had to haha)

The price of this palette is amazing since the quality is so rich and creamy! I purchased this palette for around 5 euro.Bargain! In the palette you get 8 shadows , I like to think of one row as one eyeshadow look and the other as another eyeshadow look , but who’s to say you can’t mix together and use them together?

I would give this palette a 10/10 there really amazing for the price and I can’t wait to pick up more! I adore drugstore products , If I can find an amazing dupe for something I wont hesitate to purchase the cheaper alternative.

Also so so sorry for the crappy iphone picture of the palette , my room is currently being decorated and the painter was in today , my camera and leads were all in my wardrobe and they’ve been covered to save it from the paint haha should of took it out! whoops!

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