Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream // Morocco


Hi everyone!

So recently I purchased two Soft Matte Lip Creams and decided to take them for a whirl and see how I like them. I heard so many good things about the SMLC’s so I had to try it out for myself , I picked up Morocco and Antwerp. I decided I’ll review Morocco first and then Antwerp at a later date.

I am all about my oranges , I adore orange lippies so without a doubt I was immediately drawn to morocco , I love any type of orange lipstick , be it vibrant or muted and Morocco is definitely vibrant!


I decided to swatch the tester before I bought it and I was in awe. The colour was this extremely vibrant orangey red which was something that I don’t have in my collection so it was definitely coming home with me.

The smell of all the SMLC’s smell like cake and icing , so if you aren’t a big fan of sweet smelling lip products , maybe you should turn away now. The smell for me was the second best part ( after the pigmentation of course) I love cake so this sat really well with me.

The texture is quite moussey but also light ,  it doesn’t completely dry to a matte finish but I like that , I hate when my lips feel dry and this matte lip cream keeps them feeling hydrated but gives the appearance of a matte lip.

I adore this product and I’m so happy I picked it up. You could even get away with wearing Morocco as a festive colour for Christmas! Have you tried any of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams? Whats your favourite shade? Leave a comment below!

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20 Post Ideas for Beauty Blogging



So when It came to sitting down and writing a post this week , I was stumped , I was a little down in the dumps and not very motivated or inspired by the makeup I had at hand , so I decided to make a list of post ideas that any beauty blogger , new or old could use when they feel a little under the weather or looking for inspiration like me.

  •  Product Reviews:Review the different products you use daily and give honest reviews on how you feel about them.
  • Beauty Hauls:If you’re anything like me, I LOVE to go for a good shop and showing what you bought is a great way to create a post that might inspire others to buy the products you just purchased!
  • Top 10 Lipsticks/Eyeshadows:This is a great way to showcase your favourites you can also do seasonal Top 10’s too!
  • Products You Regret Buying:You’re not always going to find products that work for you, write down a list of products you regret buying and why they didn’t work for you.
  • Skin Care Routine: Everyone loves Skin Care! show the products you use and how you use them , you can do a night time skin care routine and a day time skin care routine.
  • Whats in my Makeup Bag: This post lets your followers see what you’ve been carrying around with you on the go and your daily essentials.
  • Mini Makeup Tutorials: Create your go to look , or a dramatic night time look! be creative and show off your talent!
  • Personal Posts: Its always good to put a personal post out there once in while , it shows your followers that you’re human and also lets them know the type of personality that you have.
  • Monthly Favourites: Post a round up of all the products you’ve been loving this month and share them with your followers.
  • Morning/Night Routine: Write about what you get up to in the morning  and at night , how you tend to relax or the tv shows you watch.
  • Wish Lists: Create a list of products or other things , you would love for each month or just for birthdays or Christmas.
  • Makeup Collection/Storage: I LOVE finding out different ways of storing makeup and looking at other peoples collections! No matter how big or small your collection is, share it!
  • MOTD: Take a picture of the makeup you wore today and post it , stating what products you used to achieve the look.
  • Holy Grail Products: Let us know the products you can’t live without.
  • Tags: Tags are always fun to do , theres so many different types! find the best tag that suits you and go for it! It could be the TMI Tag , or the Boyfriend Tag whatever you want!
  • Empties: Show your followers all the products that you have finished for the month and whether you would purchase them again and give a short review.
  • Blogs your loving: Write about the different blogs you’re loving at the moment include their links and a short reason why you love reading their blog.
  • How To’s: It could be anything from How to Contour to How to Strobe, teach your followers your tips and tricks on how to get certain looks!
  • First Impressions: Give your followers a look into what the product you used is like on the first go , and if you would use it for a second time.
  • Beauty Box Subscriptions: If you are subsribed to any beauty box sevice like Ipsy or Boxycharm then share with everyone the products you recieved that month and what you thought of the overall box!

There you go! 20 beauty blogging Ideas. I hope you enjoyed this post , it was something a little different but I enjoyed writing it , I love making lists ( is that weird??!) If you want to add to the list comment down below your blogging ideas!

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My Pamper Evening Routine ♡

image (15)

Hi guys

So I’ve always wanted to do a pamper routine and I find I always have more time for pamper evenings than mornings due to college , I thought it would be cool to include some little snaps to my evening routine for you all, I hope you enjoy this little post!

When I come home in the evenings I usually take to the computer first and catch up on whatever Youtube I missed out on ( You can subscribe to me on Youtube HERE) I adore watching Danielle Mansutti she is super down to earth. I also go on Twitter and Facebook and see what’s going on over there too

image (17)

Next thing I love to do is make a little cup of tea , this helps me unwind and relax , I feel a lot more calm after I take my tea when its been a hectic day. I drink far too much tea in a day , I think I may have a problem!

image (11)

I usually hop on over my blog and see what everyone’s been posting and catch up on wordpress for a while , I love reading and writing posts these days , I’m focusing a lot more on my blog and I’ve been loving it!

image (12)

So after dinner , I usually like to go for a shower or bath , I decided on a bath today but unfortunately I had no nice bathbombs to add in so it was just normal bubbles for me! After my bath I then wash my face and follow up on my skin care.

image (13)

I then get into a pair of comfy pajamas and settle down for the night , I watch a little bit of TV and Youtube before going to bed.

image (16)

I hope you enjoyed this little post , it was so fun to write and capture some snaps for. If you have any recommendation on blog topics I would love to hear them in the comments below. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter and Instagram feel free.



Review: Primark Sultry Lashes

image (4)

Hi everyone

Today I thought I would review the Primark ( Penneys for us in Ireland) Lashes in the style “Sultry” , These are my go to lashes for either a, going out dramatic look or an everyday look that I want to add that little bit more to. I have gone through so many pairs of these its insane , so I thought I would do a little review for people who are hesitant on picking them up.

The sultry lashes go for a very budget friendly €1.50 ( I think its £1 in the UK. ) these lashes are not unlike the Ardell Whispies and for the price , you can’t complain. I usually don’t like to hold onto these lashes after the second use because I feel like I’ve gotten my wear out of them. I feel the same with the ardell whispies but to each their own.

I tend to go through lashes quite frequently so I don’t like buying expensive lashes that will end up in the bin after a second use, so these lashes are perfect for me because i don’t feel guilty about binning them after a night out!

These lashes are sooo fluffy and so light that they are extremely easy to apply. I used to suck at applying false lashes but these lashes make it a little more easier since they aren’t heavy. Depending on your eye shape you might need to cut them to shape your eyes , but it really isn’t too hard , just measure them up and take note on where to cut the lashes , you should always cut from the outside since you want to keep the lashes looking natural as possible.

I would recommend these lashes to anyone whos starting out with makeup or people who aren’t quite 100% confident in applying falsies , these lashes are the perfect price and size to fiddle with and practice on and you’ll be a pro at applying lashes by the end of it all!

I hope you enjoyed this little review and found it somewhat helpful. If you have tried these lashes or any of primarks lashes , comment below and tell me what you think of them!

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ShopMissA Haul & Experience


Hi Everyone!

I recieved my ShopMissA delivery yesterday and decided to do a little post and show you all what I go , I got a few accessories and things but I thought I would stick to the makeup for today. I also want to tell you about my experience with them as a company.

I’ll start with my experience, the wesbite is pretty much easy to manage and easy to get around , apart when it comes to the shade/colour picking of each product , I remember clicking on a lipstick and a certain colour that I wanted, but when I had ordered it , it had changed and I got a crappy lime green lipstick instead? I emailed them 3 minutes later asking them would they mind changing the order , but I got an email back saying that their company actually doesn’t have any connections with the warehouse that makes up the deliveries?? WHAT??!??!!? I didn’t really care too much since it was only 1 dollar , but the fact they weren’t helpful really annoyed me and sort of swept it under the mat and ignored me then was a little rude of them.

Okay! Onto the haul! I picked up quite a few lipsticks because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little and mix it up I didn’t include the crappy lime lipstick in this because I literally felt sick looking at it , its a disgusting colour and shall probably be going in the bin haha I would never even think of passing on such a rotten colour!


I got two Elf Lipsticks In Posh and Classy, I swatched this the minute I got them , and I’m impressed so far with their formulation and pigmentation! big thumbs up from me!

I then got 2 LA Colour lipsticks, I got Red Tango and Nude , I like these colours , they aren’t very pigmented and are quite glossy something I wouldn’t of necessarily went for , but for a dollar you can’t go wrong and its always something I can venture back to and mix up with another lippie.

I also purchased an Elf eyebrow kit because I’ve heard this raved about on youtube and wanted to give it a go myself , I swatched the wax and the powder and I love it already , I got the shade in Light because any other shades I get end up far too dark for me , and this one is a perfect match.

The blush I got was from the brand Prism, a brand I have never ever heard of but the colour of the blush caught my eye , I really love it , it is quite subtle but I can build it up quite a bit , the only thing I hate is the packaging its so cheap and flimsy I feel it will break the minute I try to openning it.

The last thing I bought was a Elf eyeshadow quad I got the shade Butternut , The colours in this are sooo pretty and really compliment green eyes , I’m all into warm tones so when I seen this I had to have it!

As I said before these were all 1 dollar, If you see a product you would like reviewed or swatched don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I’ll get right to it.

Hope you enjoyed my little post guys , If I’m completely honest I don’t know if I would order from ShopMissA again , I’m being  honest and saying that I really was only blown away by some of these products and they were mostly the elf ones , It cost me a total of 18.00 including delivery, This was just my opinion , maybe you had a better experience but I just wanted to share my thoughts

Have you ordered from ShopMissA? what are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you all , drop me a comment down below.

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Review: Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot

vichyHi Everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about the much raved about Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot! I purchased this product about a month and half ago and wanted to see how great it was and if it lived up to the expectations! I purchased this in my Health Wise Chemist , and it only cost me €10 , bargain!

So, the consistency is a gel like form which is quite pleasing to apply, the Vichy website describes the product as :

A clean & fresh gel-like texture, which is non sticky. Forms an invisible protective barrier over the imperfection.

Which I have to completely agree with them on! My skin feels so much more cleaner and almost feels like that product is getting straight to work, I can definitely feel as if the gel is protecting my spots and keeping them from spreading also as it doesn’t necessarily sink into the skin so it feels like it does keep it sealed it off from the rest of your face!

The product is hypoallergenic , so anyone with sensitive skin like me , will be pleased to hear this product wont break you out and actually wont cause more spots to appear it has also been tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control , the product contains no parabens and has no strong scent , it also contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water , which … sounds great? anything with the words thermal and spa , I’m all for haha! The product also contains Salicylic acid which is amazing for removing excess skin , it prevents pores from clogging and also prevents acne! The product has Hyaluronic acid which is great for bringing in moisture to the skin and makes your skin look almost full and youthful looking!

As I said at the start I’ve been using this product now for a month and a half an have already seen the difference it makes for my skin , I have no spots on my face at all right now! If I feel one coming on I dab the gel onto it and it will be dead in the morning . I think this product deserves all the praise and hype it gets because it promises so much and actually works. I apply the product before my moisturizer and let it settle for 5 minutes, I then apply this after I cleanse my skin and before I moisturize before bed.

Have you tried out this product? did you like it? let me know in the comments below! if you have any other questions feel free to pop them below and I’ll get back to you all.

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Thanks for Reading guys!



What’s in my Makeup Bag? ♡

makeupbag 003

Hi Everyone!

So keeping with the new , fresh posts on my blog I thought it would be a perfect idea to do a “what’s in my makeup bag” post. I love reading these types of posts so it seems fitting to do one myself! The brushes I use,are the real techniques brushes and the blank canvas brushes. I didn’t include them as I felt that It’s all about the products 🙂

I got my makeup bag as a birthday gift from my friend Sarah ( shout out to Sarah for being the best!) , I have no idea about the price but it’s from River Island if you guys want to look it up. It’s the perfect size for bringing my everyday makeup with me for when I reapply my makeup throughout the day. So let’s get onto the important part,the contents!

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: you guys know already that I am in love with this foundation I purchased it a few months back and have just fallen head over heels in love with it! It’s a perfect dewy foundation. I’m currently on the search for new foundations to try out though to give myself a wider variety so I would love to know what your favourites are in the comments! I have a review on this product if you would like to read it here .

2.Benefits Hoola Bronzer: This product has become a favourite so fast! It’s the perfect bronzer because it hasn’t got any orange pigments , I also have a review on this product if you would like to read it here.

3. NYX HD concealer: I love this concealer it’s been in my makeup collection for  while now. I have the yellow shade and I use this to cancel out any dark circles under my eyes ( the joys of having to stay up late to finish assignments and being a student!!)  I also have a review on this product too here.

4. W7 aye-aye captain eyeliner: I bought this product off eBay as it wasn’t available at the w7 stand in any of the drugstores in my area.It has become one of my favourite liners! The brush is stiff ( sounds displeasing but it’s not like a brick I promise haha ) and precise which I love because it gives you a perfect application!  it’s also very affordable!

5.Catrice Multicolour powder: I bought this a few months back on a whim thinking it was sort of gimmicky but I told myself to give it a try! And I love it! It just gives your foundation a little extra colour and makes you seem more bright and awake it also reduces the dullness you can get when you apply foundation sometimes.

6. Catrice pure colour in Princess Peach:  This lipstick is on or my favourites I actually featured it in my top 4 lipsticks that you can read here. It’s a perfect neon orange colour suitable for the summer months ahead.

7. Essence silky touch blush in babydoll: I bought this blush a few weeks ago since I was beginning to run out if my No.7 one. This just gives you a lovely pink shimmery cheek and I feel I don’t need highlighter when I use this which cuts out a lot of the time in the mornings when I’m being rushed to college.

8. Collection Eyes Uncovered palette:  This palette is great and  so affordable! ( can you tell I love cheap good quality products yet? I’ve mention affordable so many times haha ) The pigments , for a drugstore eye palette are amazing and the formulation is so smooth and buttery. I use this on days when I have more time to go to an effort in the morning and I don’t feel rushed to be out the door.

9.NYX Love in Florence eyeshadow palette: I love this palette because I can create a girly soft eye with it. These colours , bar the black are quite soft and shimmery which really makes my eyes pop, I use this palette on days I just want a softer look.

10. Bourjois Java Rice Powder: I absolutely love this product it’s amazing! I first used it as a highlighter but grown to love it so much I dust a thin layer over my entire face to brighten up my look. It’s amazing and I really can’t fault it. It also smells delicious.

Thanks so much for reading guys, this is all I use on a day to day basis when I’m not really going all out with anything dark and bold . I usually end up with glowy bronzed skin with these products with a pop of colour on the lips.

If you have any questions or would like reviews don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below I love reading feedback it really makes my day and makes me want to continue writing my blog! I would also love it  if you could leave your favourite foundations in the comments so I can try out some new ones. ( I’m a foundation drifter … I go from product to product haha )

( also sorry for how grubby the eyes uncovered palette is … you can tell its well loved haha)

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